Is Shopify Plus Right for My Business?

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Based on Shopify’s website, there are over 2,500 merchants, including international brands like Nestle, General Electric, Redbull, and Nine West that are using Shopify Plus.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise solution designed for fast growing and larger businesses that may have more advanced needs with regards to storefront functionality or customization.

Below, we will outline some key Shopify Plus plan features that may be valuable to Shopify Hong Kong merchants that may are looking for more advanced functionality on Shopify.

What Do You Get With Shopify Plus?

Large businesses and merchants with high volume sales can get in touch with Shopify directly to get a quote for their Shopify Plus plan. The Shopify Plus plan will be more expensive than the Shopify Advance plan, which has a fixed monthly price of US$299 per month. There are some features within Shopify such as Shopify Scripts that can only be unlocked if you are on the Shopify Plus plan. In addition, Shopify Plus comes with other important features such as Shopify Flow, a wholesale channel, customizing the checkout cart and more.

Below, we will highlight some of the Shopify Plus features that we find can be useful for Shopify Hong Kong merchants.

Create promotions and bulk pricing options with Shopify Scripts

Image Source: Shopify Help Center

Shopify Plus gives merchants access to an entirely different level of customizations of shopping cart functionality through Shopify Scripts. Shopify Scripts allows merchants to customize how their shopping cart to provide more sophisticated sales offers by inserting custom code.

One of the big benefits offered by Shopify Scripts is the ability to run offers and promotions for shoppers such as bulk discount savings without having to rely on Shopify discount codes. For example, a merchant can launch a campaign where shoppers automatically save 10% if they purchase more than 5 items in the cart or if they spend over $1,000 HKD. Typically, when using standard Shopify plans, you would accomplish launching these campaigns by offering discount codes or using a third party app to update cart savings. With Shopify Plus, discount rules can be created to automatically update the prices of shopping cart items as a shopper adds items, creating a real-time price update that can help drive sales by simplifying how shoppers get savings.

In addition, these promotional rules can be scheduled in advance through the Shopify Plus-only app, Launchpad. Check out what other merchants have offered as promotions through Shopify Scripts.

Automate essential tasks for high volume sales with Shopify Flow

Image source: Shopify Help Center

Shopify Flow helps merchants to automate tasks that can improve customer service and engagement for high volume sales. With Shopify Flow, merchants can create conditions that help sort customer groups, notify customer service, send alerts for low stock, and more. The power of Shopify Flow is that these automations can be done without the need for custom coding, allowing for faster implementation and rollout of these automations.

Below are some examples of workflows:

  • Create an action when an order is made, a customer signs up, or a product is added
  • Track customers who have spent over $500 and automatically tag them as a VIP (which can be used in future targeted campaigns).
  • Notify customer service team via an integration (e.g. Slack or e-mail) when a customer makes over $1000 in purchases so that the team can send a personal thank-you

Click here to see additional Shopify Flow examples.

Customizing Shopify Checkout pages to match your brand

Image source: Shopify blog

Standard Shopify plans only allows merchants to edit a theme, but the checkout page remains a generic Shopify style. With Shopify Plus, merchants have access to the checkout component

that allows a checkout page to be customized with code. With the Plus plan, merchants can design a checkout experience that reflects their brand or is more suited for their target customers. For example, merchants can edit the checkout flow, the content layout, and more.

Depending on your business, being able to tailor your checkout flow may help to reduce abandoned carts and improve conversion rates for your store.

Enhance your B2B Sales with Shopify’s Wholesale Channel

Image Source: Shopify Help Center

Shopify Plus merchants can also create a separate, password-protected wholesale store through the wholesale channel option. If you are a distributor or reseller in Hong Kong looking to manage both your ecommerce operations as well as sales with your partners, this may be an intriguing feature for your business. Wholesale stores can only be accessed by buyers with a wholesale account, so the general public will not be able to see bulk discount prices. The Shopify wholesale store has order and checkout features that reflect the needs of wholesale merchants. Shopify Plus also can help create custom wholesale pricing for customers with tags that can automatically provide different pricing tiers for marked customers.

Additional Shopify Plus benefits

In addition to the features above, Shopify Plus also comes with many other benefits that help Hong Kong ecommerce businesses looking to grow their business beyond the region.

Large brands can take advantage of having unlimited staff accounts or having a higher threshold of making Shopify API calls to integrate with their existing company APIs.

Shopify Plus merchants also have access to additional resources and support such as membership to the Shopify Plus Community on Facebook

for knowledge sharing with other high-volume merchants.

Shopify will introduce merchants signing up to a Launch Manager, who provides platform training, assistance with third-party integrations, and introducing partners to design and develop an online store if necessary. Shopify Plus stores also have access to a Merchant Success Manager for continued support in the long-term.

Wave Commerce has worked with Shopify Plus clients. If you are interested in learning more about some of the things we’ve done with Shopify Plus, please get in touch! Also, if you are a Hong Kong merchant, check out our tips for setting up a Shopify Chinese or multilingual store.

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