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Logitech Launches New Membership and Omnichannel Customer Experience

Logitech Hong Kong builds a customized Shopify store to manage O2O retail and build omnichannel customer relationships with and a seamless membership and rewards program

December 29, 2021
Hong Kong, Taiwan


Shopify Plus

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Shopify Plus setup and development, Migration to Shopify Plus, Checkout customization, Systems architecture, Shopify theme customization, Shopify Scripts and discount codes, Omnichannel strategy and planning, Localization, Applications and extensions
Since its beginnings in 1981, Logitech has continued to innovate and deliver market leading products to become a globally recognized and respected brand around the world.

As a brand that has designed many industry firsts, Logitech recognizes that consumers today are constantly evolving their relationships to companies they love, with the customer relationship today often moving towards better digital and omnichannel experiences. With this in mind, Logitech Hong Kong embarked on creating a new customer experience with as a direct to consumer (DTC) channel for customers to cohesively connect and interact with the brand. Logitech engaged Wave Commerce to design an intuitive omnichannel shopping experience in order to offer customers a better digital and retail consumer experience.

Goal: Building a Platform to Deliver Omnichannel Customer Experience

Logitech Hong Kong engaged Wave Commerce as a Shopify Partner to design and implement a seamless shopping experience for both online and offline customers. With a strategic set of Shopify features and enhancements, Logitech wanted its online store to become a nexus of service offerings, including information, products, and customer service. In particular, they wanted to deploy a system that enabled them to operationally deliver frictionless online and offline shopping, offer a variety of delivery and pickup options, personalize their rewards program, and deepen customer engagement.

Solution: Orchestrating O2O Retail with the Latest Cloud Technologies

Logitech Hong Kong realized their omnichannel vision with a blend of the Shopify platform, Wave Commerce’s proprietary ecommerce apps including OMNI, as well as ecosystem partner solutions such as Klaviyo, that enabled them to orchestrate online-to-offline retail, a tiered loyalty program, and omnichannel campaigns and redemption experiences!

Unified Online and Offline Shopping Experience

By using Shopify’s ecosystem for their four retail locations, Logitech could offer a seamless brand experience. Using Shopify POS Pro, Logitech could synchronize inventory, points, and gift redemption through their retail locations and online store. With a seamless infrastructure to support retail pickups for online orders, Logitech not only reduced shipping costs, but gained an opportunity to upsell customers and deepen customer relationships.

In addition, Logitech fully utilized Shopify’s ecosystem to offer multilanguage customer chat functions and popular payment options. Shopify’s integrated payments platform enabled them to offer Hong Kong’s most popular payment methods, including FPS, PayMe, AliPayHK, WeChatPay, major credit cards including UnionPay, and the Octopus Tap&Go.

Omnichannel Membership and Rewards Management

Logitech used their online store as a foundation to nurture high value and new customers. Using OMNI by Wave Commerce’s customer loyalty program and member management for Shopify, they could easily manage different tiers of memberships and rewards customers with personalized discounts. Logitech could reward customers with repeated purchases through a points-based system, as well as nurture customer relationships. For example, offering student discounts is a strategic way for Logitech to nurture brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value. Logitech staff could easily re-engage customers with new discount offers and gifts, which customers could redeem at both online and offline locations.

Online-to-Offline (O2O) Customer Engagement

Last but not least, Logitech worked with Wave Commerce to encourage customers to register as a member on their online store as part of an O2O campaign. This was achieved through Wave Commerce’s custom integration with leading CRM tools such as Klaviyo to reward Logitech members with a free gift QR code that could redeem specified gifts at the event counter. This automated flow eliminated paper wastage by digitizing customer touchpoints from campaign awareness through to redemption at a physical convention. Logitech saw a 468% increase in customer registration compared to average sign up campaigns through this strategy.

Together with Wave Commerce, Logitech built their own retail platform solution that enables them to integrate omnichannel customer engagement, manage a unified inventory, and create targeted campaigns to drive conversions.