We propel businesses with the full power of the partner ecosystem

Our Shopify expertise extends into the partner ecosystem. As a longtime technology partner ourselves, we work with the best partners across digital media and commerce technology to drive growth for our clients.

Image of the Wave Commerce team winning the AWS Game Day top prize for development skill
Image of Shopify speaking at the Shopify Ecommerce Summit 2022 hosted by Wave Commerce
Image of the Shopify Editions Summer 2022 Webinar hosted by Wave Commerce

Tap into the emerging commerce ecosystem

Shopify Plus

As a leading Shopify Plus Partner, we work closely with the Shopify team to service, educate and re-platform top brands and enterprises onto Shopify to sell both in-region and cross-border. We've been THE featured Shopify Plus Partner on the HK Shopify Partner Portal since 2019.
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As a leading help desk for Shopify businesses, Gorgias, is a close partner of Wave Commerce. Gorgias has built an incredible customer support experience with its out-of-the-box Shopify integration and we're excited to help merchants drive more sales and customer happiness through better support.
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As one of Klaviyo's top partners in Hong Kong, we help Shopify businesses maximize customer engagement through context driven growth marketing automation. Our OMNI integration with Klaivyo also helps clients grow loyalty interactions and drive both online and omnichannel customer engagement.
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