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At Wave Commerce, we work with leading brands to implement category-leading commerce experiences - and partnered with Shopify Plus and activated our partner network to create the Shopify Plus APAC Guide.

11 areas of your business to prioritize
With insights from over a dozen senior tech leaders, you can explore the 11 areas of your business to prioritize and new omnichannel solutions to unlock growth.

We created this ebook to highlight Shopify Plus features that are available for all merchants to offer cross-border sales from day one. Deliver world-class online shopping experiences for a global market from day one!

Shopify Plus functions and tools
The guide also provides approaches to adapting Shopify Plus’s functions and tools to build thoughtful shopping customer buying experiences in localized markets

A smart team, with solid, trustworthy experience in e-commerce and Shopify. They delivered a custom theme for a store in our Shopify Plus account on time and as promised. It has been a pleasure to work with the team. I would recommend them as a trusted partner.”

Head of Marketing
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