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Transforming brands into omnichannel leaders

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The future of commerce is omnichannel

We believe the brand leaders of tomorrow are those who are striving to become omnichannel leaders today.

At Wave Commerce, we are taking all of our collective experience in Shopify development and working with brand and retail leaders to pioneer the next generation of omnichannel commerce solutions for Shopify businesses.

With the emergence of the Shopify technology ecosystem, we're actively addressing the first and foremost challenge faced by Shopfy businesses, which is the need to unify Shopify customer profiles with traditional siloed customer touchpoints (Shopify, trade channels, retail point-of-sale, marketplaces, etc). By unifying customer profiles, we help businesses unlock rewarding omnichannel customer experiences including unified customer loyalty programs, meaningful online-to-offline (O2O) customer campaigns and online-merge-offline (OMO) buying and retailing experiences.
Image of the Logitech omnichannel experience with Shopify Plus

Omnichannel strategy and planning

We work backwards starting with our client's end customer experience goals to design an optimal solution roadmap to bring omnichannel experiences to life.

  • Formulate an omnichannel roadmap that is feasible and aligned with the Shopify ecosytem
  • Bridge Shopify with other customer channels and touchpoints including retail, trade and marketplaces
  • Unify customer profiles with Shopify for CRM building and/or to deliver omnichannel loyalty programs
  • Integrate Shopify into existing customer operations and support processes
Image of the ERP integration with Shopify for Imperial Patisserie

Retail and enterprise integrations

We're the most experienced partner in the region for enterprise omnichannel enablement and integrations.

We stitch together enterprise systems with Shopify, including Salesforce CRM, Oracle Netsuite, 3PL and legacy enterprise systems to support online, offline and multichannel integrations.
  • Map out Shopify integration into the rest of your enterprise (CRM, ERP, POS, 3PL, etc)
  • Support omnichannel loyalty, O2O campaigns and buy online, pickup in-store customer journeys
  • Design and implement online and retail customer rewards program integration
  • Power digital vouchers for use on Shopify and offline / retail channels
Image of omnichannel customer data powered by OMNI and Shopify Plus

Unified customer data and segmentation

By bridging Shopify customer profiles with your CRM and marketing automation solutions, we enable our clients to maximize their customer engagement campaigns to drive CLV.
  • Create a single customer identity online, offline, and popups, including mobile phone capture and verification
  • Execute seamless online merge offline (OMO) experiences at every point of sales
  • Track offline store contribution to online sales
  • Engage customers across marketing channels, mobile, chat, email and more
Image of O2O customer experience

O2O customer acquisition and growth

We bridge the gap between online and offline customer journeys, facilitating a seamless customer experience between channels while tracking conversion and contribution between them.
  • Build and unify your customer database with Shopify and offline channels
  • Run O2O customer acquisition campaigns using in-store offers, free product sampling, etc with the customer journey initiated from Shopify
  • Automatically trigger customer engagement and follow up post offline event action
  • Convert offline engagement into online brand store awareness

We integrate Shopify into your omnichannel infrastructure

We stitch together your enterprise with the Shopify ecosystem to create and deliver delightful omnichannel brand experiences


Create leading Shopify experiences with a modern, agile commerce platform offering online storefronts that are fast, scalable, and efficient.

Shopify POS

Complement your retail  operations using Shopify POS for offline shops, popups or events to offer online merge offline (OMO) experiences.

Shopify Plus

Leverage the full range of Shopify Plus' advanced features including Shopify B2B to extend your omnichannel capabilities to partners and third parties.

CRM & Growth Marketing

Tap into the emerging growth marketing ecosystem to automate engagement for loyalty building, UCG and conversational commerce.

Enterprise Systems

Integrate Shopify into your enterprise architecture to work with existing CRM, ERP, PIM or other enterprise systems critical for omnichannel enablement.

Shipping & Fulfilment

Build custom order and fulfillment integrations or use our proprietary Shopify apps integrated with SF Express for in-region order fulfillment.

Your omnichannel
commerce enabler

omni by wave commerce

Our latest Shopify app, OMNI powers omnichannel customer loyalty by integrating Shopify with your other customer touchpoints and engagement channels to deliver a unified loyalty program experience.

Online Merge Offline (OMO) customer loyalty solution
"VIP anywhere" member tiers, points, rewards & campaigns
Mobile OTP verification on Shopify for conversational commerce
Integrates with Shopify, retail POS, ERP and CRM tools like Klaviyo
Chinese and English multi-language interfaces

Omnichannel is more than a buzzword, it's reality