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Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens Hong Kong: Bringing an Iconic Brand to Life on Shopify Plus

From marketplace, to DTC! Wave Commerce is proud to have supported the iconic brand Dr. Martens to go DTC with Shopify Plus in the Hong Kong market.

January 17, 2024
Hong Kong


Shopify Plus

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Shopify setup and development, Shopify theme customization, Data-driven UI and UX, Applications and extensions, Systems architecture, Coaching and support
Dr. Martens has been in-style for over 60 years! The legendary footwear brand is renowned for quality craftsmanship and materials, especially leather. Dr. Martens, also known as Docs, are distinguished by their air-cushioned soles (“Bouncing Soles”), distinct shape, and of course - the trademarked yellow stitching!

While operating several retail stores in Hong Kong, local ecommerce sales were done via marketplaces. Wanting to offer customers a direct brand shopping experience,, Dr. Martens aimed to launch a DTC ecommerce store to maintain full control over their customer journey, and unique brand experience. 

Wave Commerce had the immense pleasure of working with the Dr. Martens team to support their DTC strategy, and Shopify Plus store build! With a heavily customized Shopify theme, the store experience reflects the essence of Dr. Martens’ distinctive brand. 

Living and breathing Docs: Mobile-friendly, customer-centric UI and UX

More than just boots! Dr. Martens offers an extensive product range of men’s, women’s, and kids' footwear, as well as bags, accessories, and a comprehensive range of shoelaces for customers to truly express themselves with their own unique twist. It was crucial to ensure customers (especially the tech-savvy gen-z and millennials with extremely high digital experience standards) can navigate products intuitively, across unique filters like platforms, sole type, and silhouette, etc - not just color or size. 

“One of the nice things about Dr. Martens is they have a lot of excellent content, like how to wear-in the leather, re-lace, protect the boots, and such, and we worked closely with Dr. Martens to ensure that this content across all their products and articles could be localized effectively for HK consumers, optimized for search performance and the customer experience you’d expect from an internationally renowned brand”
- Yami Lei, Senior Digital Manager, Wave Commerce

Hong Kong customers can now order their signature favourites through a beautifully designed and immersive brand DTC experience! 

Wave Commerce has been an excellent partner throughout our Shopify implementation project. Our project with Wave was the first Shopify implementation for our brand globally, and Wave was very patient with us while explaining the functions, features and limitations of the platform. More importantly, Wave made strong development recommendations throughout the project that were always appropriate for both our brand and budget. Dr. Martens has a very specific brand image that did not fit perfectly into any of Shopify’s default themes, and the designers at Wave were able to fully customize the UX/UI of our site to keep it on brand and consistent with our global image. I look forward to continuing to partner with Wave on future enhancements to our Hong Kong site, and also on upcoming new Shopify site launches elsewhere in the region.

Braden Shields
Head of Ecommerce, Asia Pacific