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DTC challenges are often industry specific, and require in-depth vertical expertise. Our team has rich insights and real-world know-how having led DTC launches and rollouts for a wide range of industries and consumer verticals.

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We make Shopify work for you,
not the other way around

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When you need more from Shopify, trust that our answer won’t always be “there’s an app for that” - because in most cases it’s not that simple.

Enterprise DTC is not one size fits all, a high performing DTC business requires tailoring your Shopify, go-to-market and customer experience to meet the demands of your customers, fulfilling both in-region and international consumer market expectations.

If your products are market winners, why settle for less? Stand out like the category leader you are with an omnichannel strategy and Shopify experience done right, that is tailored to your business vertical.

For nearly a decade, Wave Commerce has developed on Shopify, working with brands of all sizes and sectors. We help brands go from zero to running a well-oiled DTC business by bridging our client needs with the Shopify technology ecosystem to reach desired goals.

We had a fantastic experience with Wave Commerce. Their efficiency and expertise in Shopify were impressive, providing quick and effective solutions. They were highly accommodating, understanding our needs and ensuring everything was just right. Moreover, their knowledge-sharing empowered us to manage our Shopify account effectively. Working with Wave Commerce was a pleasure, and we wholeheartedly recommend them as a reliable Shopify development partner."

Vivek Manglani
Chief Technology Officer
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