Accelerate Your 
Ecommerce Growth
Based in Hong Kong, we help emerging brands and MNCs launch their online stores, acquire customers through conversion driven digital marketing and build long-term customer loyalty.
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Wow Customers with a Beautiful Online Store

Let our ecommerce engineers at Wave Commerce help bring your ecommerce vision to life. Create an online store that’s beautifully designed for your brand, mobile-friendly, and easily sharable on social media platforms. 
As longtime Shopify and BigCommerce partners, we’ve built technology used by thousands of merchants worldwide.
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Grow Sales with a Performance Driven Marketing Approach

With over 6 years of digital marketing experience managing over millions in ad spend for our clients, we understand what it means to deliver business ROI. Our digital marketing service capabilities include:
  • Audience Research

  • Search Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Conversion Optimization

  • Analytics & Reporting Analysis

Build Greater Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value

Over thousands of online businesses worldwide have used S Loyalty, our in-house built customer loyalty platform. Take a minute and explore it.
Loyalty Program

Offer a points based loyalty program to reward customers for long-term loyalty.


Run special double and triple points campaigns to drive engagement with loyal shoppers.


Delight customers with rewards and bonuses such as a special Birthday Bonus.


Let customers know they’re special with personalized messages and notifications.

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