Wave Commerce is Proud to be the First Klaviyo Master Gold Partner in Hong Kong!

Klaviyo and Wave Commerce reach a new level, bringing new opportunities for growth and success to Hong Kong Shopify merchants.

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Klaviyo, the leading marketing automation and customer platform for Shopify merchants, and Wave Commerce, leading Shopify partner, are proud to announce that Wave Commerce is the first Klaviyo Master Gold Partner in Hong Kong!

With a successful long-term partnership, Wave Commerce has officially reached the milestones required to become a Klaviyo Master Gold partner, the first to reach this achievement in Hong Kong. The milestone means that Wave Commerce has successfully nurtured and supported Shopify merchants in Hong Kong and worldwide with implementing, mastering, and optimizing Klaviyo to grow their business to the Master Gold requirements.

Wave Commerce works closely with the Klaviyo team on webinars, ebooks, and expert content to help drive ecommerce growth in the region, such as this recent Cross-border Commerce Webinar, and Shopify APAC Guide ebook.

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