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J Select

J SELECT Launches New Omnichannel Brand Store Experience

J SELECT builds a custom Shopify store for O2O retail with enterprise features such as real-time inventory management, streamlined membership rewards, and Asia Miles points integrations.

August 31, 2021
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Established in 2013, J SELECT is a retail brand under the Jebsen Group offering a curated selection of lifestyle products ranging from smart home appliances and lifestyle electronics to beauty and health products.

Established in 2013, J SELECT is a retail brand under the Jebsen Group offering a curated selection of lifestyle products ranging from smart home appliances and lifestyle electronics to beauty and health products. Building on recognition as one of Hong Kong’s award-winning online stores, J SELECT was ready to refresh its digital experience with integrated O2O experiences and a new seamless shopping experience for customers across channels. Wave Commerce worked with J SELECT to build a custom Shopify store that integrated with existing enterprise systems to provide customers with everything from real-time branch item availability to streamlined membership management and rewards.

Goal: Integrate and Scale Online Store with Omnichannel Sales

Customers today expect synchronized offers and experiences from brands across both digital and retail channels. Products viewed online should indicate availability in retail store offering consumers the choice between the convenience of online store purchases or immediate purchase at a nearby retail store. Membership accounts and rewards should be synchronized both online and offline; checkout with mobile, desktop, and in-person should be equally efficient; any channel should offer pickup and delivery options.

Understanding the expectations of customers today, J SELECT wanted a Shopify Expert and Shopify Plus partner to develop an online store that could be embedded into their existing operations and scale effectively to deliver a consistent level of service experience. This required a deep technical understanding of both Shopify’s platform capabilities to design a suitable solution with Shopify. Wave Commerce worked with the J SELECT team to plan and deliver a store refresh that would impress customers from day one.

Solution: Delivering a Shopify Experience with Omnichannel Design in Mind

Enhancing Operations by Weaving Shopify into Existing Enterprise Systems

In order to take retail experiences to the next level, J SELECT needed to strategically decide how the latest Shopify store capabilities could best enhance existing operations. Instead of keeping online and retail store inventory separate, they invested in a customized Shopify solution that could retrieve product availability for physical stores that were displayed in the online store. This turned J SELECT’s online store into more than just a point of purchase for customers, but also a useful tool for online research and ordering that transitioned seamlessly into offline store pickups.

J SELECT also ensured that Shopify’s online store would align with other existing enterprise systems to ensure that there was operational alignment to serve customers better. Ensuring that customer and membership accounts are synchronized between Shopify and existing systems enables teams to have a 360-degree view of customers to deliver high-quality customer service and tailored communications and offers.

Rewarding Customers with Next Generation Commerce Conveniences

By building on the foundation of the Shopify platform and tailoring it to support holistic operations, J SELECT was able to design an online store with comprehensive features that allowed the brand to deliver a modern shopping experience. J SELECT invested in featuring Jrewards and Asia Miles points in product displays to appeal to Hong Kong shoppers familiar with popular offline rewards schemes.

By investing in a thoughtful integration of existing enterprise systems with the latest Shopify store features, J SELECT offers a consistent omnichannel brand experience across its digital and retail channels.

Wave Commerce is the best ecommerce developer that I have ever worked with. Wave Commerce comes in above and beyond with their expertise and deep dive into my business to understand my needs as well as suggesting what other values I could provide to my customer. … The project on all our measuring parameters such as timeline, budget and compliances exceeded our expectations. ... We are now partnering with Wave Commerce to provide monthly retainer support to my ecommerce team to continuous improving our UI/UX in this challenging retail landscape.”

Derek Chu
Senior Manager – Merchandising & Ecommerce