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Swisse Hong Kong Launches DTC Experience with Shopify

How H&H launched their branded Swisse Hong Kong store for direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail, with custom product pages and store UX navigation for the best possible customer experience.

May 6, 2020


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H&H Group is a global leader in premium nutrition and wellness products. H&H’s popular line of products including their Swisse brand product line of vitamin, supplement and personal care products can be found across many leading retailers in Hong Kong including Mannings and Watsons.

To further their customer experience and allow customers to more easily discover and buy their products, H&H has now launched their branded Swisse store for direct-to-consumer (D2C) retail. To offer customers a delightful ecommerce experience, Wave Commerce worked with H&H Group to build a Shopify store tailored to making it easier for consumers to find more Swisse product information while being able to easily buy online with localized services such as local delivery and pickup options.


H&H Group is a global conglomerate offering premium quality vitamins and supplements amongst other business lines and dedicated to supporting people on their journey to being healthier and happier. In order to better serve tech-savvy customers in Hong Kong, H&H Group wanted to create a convenient online experience that enabled customers to find Swisse products and receive them without the hassle of going out to shop.

Recognizing that they needed to design a sophisticated online store that could support a customer in their decision-making journey, H&H Group enlisted Wave Commerce to create a branded store that optimized customer UX when displaying detailed product information. Wave Commerce worked with H&H to develop a holistic online UX approach that included customized product pages, local delivery and pick-up options and a launch strategy to engage customers.

Launching a D2C Experience

Customer service quality is paramount to the Swisse team and so they worked with Wave Commerce to design an online store that anticipated a shopper’s needs, from surfacing the appropriate product information during the storefront user journey through to order delivery and subsequent e-mail communication and engagement.

Optimizing Product Page Descriptions to Show Just the Right Amount

A central focus was designing an online store browsing experience that mirrored expert offline customer service. To do this, the Swisse Hong Kong website had to present information in an accessible way that enabled shoppers to quickly understand a product’s benefits and make purchases, while also easily accessing product details if they wanted to.

Wave Commerce helped Swisse Hong Kong’s team to design and customize product pages package product information with an intuitive UI. Product pages were customized to have expandable sections for a product’s main features, benefits, ingredients, directions for use, and related products. At the same time, Wave Commerce created a customized sticky bar with an “Add to Cart” button for customers to make purchases the moment they have found the key piece of information they were looking for. Finally, a product review app was embedded into the product description to help shoppers learn more about a product from another perspective.

Swisse Hong Kong’s approach to their online store offers guidance for online shoppers to evaluate and select the desired products across their diverse product lines.

Anticipating Customer’s Needs to Offer Better UX

Holistic UX design for an online store extends beyond displaying appropriate product information to creating features that serve customers’ needs. Swisse Hong Kong’s team also built-in details that could serve a range of customers. For example, the product navigation grouped products by nutrition type (such as Vitamin A) and benefits (such as Energy or Immunity). Moreover, account registration included customized questions that enabled the Swisse Hong Kong team to mark customers and send more relevant product or campaign information. In addition, Swisse Hong Kong also used Wave Commerce’s HK Pickup Options app to give customers SF Express service center and locker pickups that suited their locations and schedules. These combined feature details helped Swisse Hong Kong to create an attentive online customer experience from the moment the store launched.

Customer Engagement for Store Launch

Finally, Swisse Hong Kong also took steps to communicate with customers about their new online store to drive sales from day one. Wave Commerce worked with Swisse Hong Kong to notify existing customers for an easy store account registration process. In order to create a smooth transition for existing customers, Wave Commerce helped Swisse Hong Kong to simplify the new account creation process to a link in an invitation e-mail. Normally, customers would have to fill in their information again on a new store. By taking steps to plan and execute custom e-mail marketing campaigns, Swisse Hong Kong was able to use the store launch to re-engage customers and deliver an easy to use shopping experience from day one.


Swisse Hong Kong successfully adopted Shopify to create a localized Chinese-language online store that matched the brand coupled with features to better serve the Hong Kong market. By working with Wave Commerce to incorporate Shopify’s sophisticated features to create an effortless shopping experience for new and existing customers, Swisse Hong Kong is now poised to create meaningful direct-to-consumer relationships.

A strong partner that is able to provide professional advice and recommendation on Shopify usage end-to-end, from 3PL partner to suitable Shopify APPs based on specific needs. They are also able to provide localized support which fills the gap between us as local marketing and the global platform, Shopify. The team is also helpful and trustworthy. It has been my pleasure to work with them.”

Sandy Lau
Assistant Digital Marketing Manager