Unite 2019 Updates, HK Pickup Options, Increasing On-Site and Advertising Conversions at Shopify Meetup HK 2019 Summer Edition

A meetup with Shopify updates including Shopify’s multilanguage admin, multicurrency, HK Pickup Options for Shopify, Keynote speeches on improving online store UX and advertising campaigns for conversion from Insider and AdMaxify.

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On June 27, we hosted the Shopify Meetup Hong Kong 2019 Summer event featuring platform announcements and keynote speakers sharing tips on boosting ecommerce revenue. This meetup included keynote presentations from Danny Chong from Insider on improving sales with the same traffic with in-store changes, and increasing conversions through effective advertising on Facebook and Google from Tina Goguia from AdMaxify. At this event, Wave Commerce launched HK Pickup Options, an app solution for Shopify merchants to more effectively serve Hong Kong consumers by offering local pickup options at over 1,000 locations for order fulfillment.

Alex from Wave Commerce kicked off the event by welcoming the attendees, who are a mix of ecommerce merchants, professionals, and ecommerce solutions providers. Frankie Ng from Shopify detailed the platform’s announced features at the company’s flagship Unite 2019 Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Shopify Unite 2019 Announcements for Hong Kong and Cross-Border Brands

Frankie Ng, Shopify’s Community Manager in Hong Kong highlighted the new features that merchants in the city would benefit most from. All Shopify merchants will benefit from an upgraded online store experience that comes supercharged with native support for 3D item previews, video demos, and AR. In addition, all Shopify merchants using Shopify Payments can now enjoy multicurrency support, which means they can grow cross-border sales by offering online shoppers the option to pay in USD, CAD, HKD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, JPY, and NZD. Hong Kong merchants can also now choose between 11 languages for their Shopify Admin, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, with accompanying support documents.

Shopify has launched powerful merchants supports such as a newly designed Shopify POS that helps brands offer unified loyalty programs online and offline, a Shopify Fulfillment Network for the US, a unified dashboard for all stores for Shopify Plus merchants. You can read up on details in our Shopify Unite 2019 summary.

Doubling sales with the same traffic

Danny Chong, The country manager for Hong Kong and Taiwan at Insider shares growth hacking strategies for ecommerce. He breaks down the metrics that brand should look into the ones that they should be tracking ASAP: conversion rate, average order value, revisit frequency, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and cart abandonment.

Danny also gave a lift framework to test for increasing conversions: improving value proposition, relevance, and clarity of a message, while removing distractions and anxiety on an online store. Creating urgency on your store helps close the deal with limited time offers, limited availability (low stock notices), and demonstrating demand and popularity. In addition, he suggests adding FAQs on product pages, providing comparisons, adding trust signals (such as certifications), and taking care of UX dead ends (such as offering product suggestions when there are no matches).

Insider works with leading brands such as UNIQLO, IKEA, Watsons, Samsung, McDonnalds, Toyota, and Adidas, so look out for future events where they deep dive into ecommerce tactics such as personalization, segmentation, and conversion optimization.

Launching HK Pickup Options to Reduce Buying Friction

Vivian Tong from Wave Commerce announced our company’s latest solution for ecommerce merchants in Hong Kong: HK Pickup Options for Shopify stores.

Many major brands and ecommerce stores in Hong Kong offer self-pickup options along with home delivery as part of a shopper’s order fulfillment option. Shoppers in Hong Kong are increasingly coming to expect to have flexibility in choosing how to receive their order including having the pickup options at retail stores, city-wide lockers, convenience stores and courier service centres. Offering pickup options to online shoppers may help lower shipping costs and provides shoppers with privacy and flexibility of pick up time.

For Shopify merchants, traditionally, it’s been a challenge to offer pickup options seamlessly to shoppers as standard Shopify plans do not allow the checkout page to be modified with custom logic. Vivian showed our meetup attendees for the first time how our new app, HK Pickup Options provides Shopify merchants with a checkout experience that includes offering retail store and other self-pickup options such as EF lockers and other SF Express pickup locations. Shoppers can choose from offer 1000+ pickup spots, as well as customized locations.

HK Pickup Options has auto pickup location data updates, is tailored designed with local courier services, offers dynamic shipping rates, and supports Chinese and English.

For further information on this Shopify app, please contact us directly.

How to Attract Quality Traffic that Converts

Tina Goguia from AdMaxify closed off our evening by sharing her in-depth knowledge on online advertising for ecommerce based on professional experience at both Google and Facebook.

She shares how attendees could use online advertising in a targeted, cost-efficient and measurable way to reach intended shoppers. Tina walks through how merchants can use Google Text Ads, Google Shopping Ads, remarketing, and Youtube advertising to run a strategic campaign on search. In addition, Tina provides tools such as Keyword Planner and Marketfinder to research for campaigns, adding your business to Google, the Consumer barometer for checking how Hong Kong shoppers behave, and shopping insights for tracking trends.

Tina also walks the audience through Facebook and Instagram ads. She begins by listing Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger as social media platforms that over 50% of internet users in Hong Kong use. As with Google, Tina walks through a full-funnel campaign on Facebook, beginning with creating content for brand awareness on Instagram, demand generation through canvas ads and lead ads on Facebook, that lead to a dynamic ad on Instagram to close a sale.

Tina closes by reminding audience members to track their Shopify store with Google Analytics (with ecommerce tracking enabled) and Facebook Pixel (to enable retargeting for abandoned carts) before beginning an advertising campaign. She urges attendees to do research on their audience, know their competitors, and integrate online channels to run a successful advertising campaign.

As Shopify Meetups are intended to bring together the ecommerce community in Hong Kong, the focus is on providing attendees with time to network before and after presentations. All our keynote speakers stayed after their presentations to network and chat with attendees.

Wave Commerce invites members of the ecommerce community to quarterly Shopify Meetups in Hong Kong to share industry knowledge and experiences. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter below to get your invitation to the next event!