OMNI by Wave Commerce: a Powerful Online and Offline Loyalty and Rewards Solution for Shopify Merchants

Introducing OMNI by Wave Commerce - a customer loyalty and rewards program solution for Shopify merchants. OMNI is a product of over 10 years' of experience creating unbeatable loyalty and omnichannel experiences for the world's leading brands.

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Introducing OMNI by Wave Commerce

We all know that retaining customers and encouraging repeat purchases is crucial for your business’ success! Loyalty programs are fantastic and highly critical, but what about brands with both online and offline touchpoints? Or brands that want to be omnichannel leaders?

For Shopify merchants who want to grow their omnichannel business and connect their loyalty program both online and offline - then OMNI might be for you!

OMNI is a customizable loyalty and rewards solution designed to elevate customer loyalty, increase order value, and create a seamless omnichannel experience. 

What can OMNI by Wave Commerce do for your business?

Tailored Loyalty and Reward Program

With OMNI, launch customized and branded loyalty and rewards program effortlessly. Create VIP membership tiers and prompt customers for tier upgrades throughout their buyer's journey.

OMNI creates a rewarding loyalty experience, with features like VIP tiers, points, 'pay with points,' gift with purchase, and free products. To drive further growth, you can encourage repeat purchases with points campaigns, tier upgrades, and strategically implemented point expiry dates.

Shopify Integration

Manage and set up OMNI directly from your Shopify backend or Shopify POS, ensuring a streamlined process for merchants without having to toggle between new platforms. Enjoy the flexibility to edit rewards, campaigns, and incentives at any time within Shopify.

On the customer’s side, they can log in to their account via the Shopify customer 'My Account' page, turning a basic template page into a dynamic loyalty and rewards hub!

Engaging Campaigns and Flows   

Run automated 2x or 3x points campaigns and leverage Shopify Flow campaigns for maximum impact. You can even offer personalized rewards such as birthday deals or checkout reminders with incentives to keep customers engaged.

Customer Segmentation

Segment and tag customers to create bespoke rewards or targeted marketing communications. 

Omnichannel Experiences

Integrate Shopify with other sales channels to offer a "VIP Anywhere" experience, delighting customers with seamless omnichannel interactions. For example, you can turn offline experiences/products into inventory to sell online - redeemable offline with QR codes. 

Customize to Your Brand

Make OMNI truly yours by customizing the branding, tier names, rewards, and campaigns to align with your brand identity!

High-Performance UI

Benefit from OMNI's data-backed, high-performance UI, crafted by a team with a decade of experience in creating top-tier loyalty and CX interfaces.

Multilingual Interface

OMNI provides a language interface in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. More languages are available upon request! Contact us about languages for OMNI, or email

Mobile-first Design

Allow customers to register for your loyalty program with their mobile phone number or email, so customers can use their preferred channel for sign-up. 

Mobile OTP Verification

Ensure the validity of customer accounts with in-built mobile number OTP verification. This helps ensure that everyone signing up to your loyalty program is verified as a real phone number (as well as email), so your database doesn't become clogged with fake accounts. 

Ecosystem Integration

Seamlessly integrate OMNI with Klaviyo, Shopify Flow, Gorgias, and other popular tools like reviews to leverage the full power of the ecosystem and build lasting customer loyalty.

Better In-Store Support with Shopify POS

Access customer info, loyalty status, and purchase history in a single view on Shopify POS, providing better in-store customer support.

In conclusion:

With OMNI, Shopify merchants can take customer loyalty to new heights, providing a rewarding and personalized experience both online and offline that keeps customers coming back. Elevate your business, drive repeat purchases, and increase customer lifetime value with OMNI's innovative and comprehensive omnichannel loyalty solution!

Learn more at the OMNI website, contact us, or email us at

Free trial available - just ask our team.