Latest Solutions for Ecommerce, Customer Loyalty, and Data Analytics at DBS Retailers Disrupt

Recapping DBS SME Banking Retailers Disrupt, which focused on the pain points for retailers in finding effective ecommerce platforms, increasing customer loyalty, and maximizing data analytics. Part of DBS BusinessClass events connecting businesses to industry leaders and solutions providers.

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On Tuesday, August 14th, DBS SME Banking hosted the event Retailers Disrupt: Shop to Goal, which sought to address three pain points of the retail industry: selecting effective ecommerce platforms, increasing customer loyalty, and maximizing data analytics. Wave Commerce had a booth at the event, where we as a solution provider shared with DBS BusinessClass members the latest solutions for building branded online stores and showcased our flagship product, S Loyalty, a multi-language loyalty program that helps online merchants retain customers to grow sales. Below is a summary of the event format for future attendees to see how the event can provide opportunities for growing their online businesses.

The DBS Retailers Disrupt Event, hosted at Hong Kong’s Innocentre, included keynote presentations and an exhibitor area, with product demonstrations that attendees could interact with. For example, attendees could try the “Shop to Goal” product demonstration with unmanned checkout counters that uses sensors and cameras to detect the items purchased.

Ricky Chu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association, shared next steps retailers could take to get ahead in online retail while O.M. Chan, Chief Financial Officer of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group shared how the luxury fashion group has innovated new products to appeal to the changing tastes of clients. They were followed by a panel discussion discussing various approaches on innovating new ways to improve online customer experiences with participants from Sino Group, Collinson, Ebay, Ping Pong Global Holdings, Hong Kong Productivity Council, and DBS.

The event’s exhibitors included a range of service providers offering various ecommerce-support services. Many attendees were interested in learning about whether the latest global ecommerce solutions, such as Shopify, could support multilanguage websites to serve the Hong Kong and regional markets. Attendees who had existing online storefronts also wanted to better understand how popular digital marketing channels, such as Facebook and Google Search, are evolving and which of their products are most effective for converting online shoppers.

The exhibitors provided services and solutions for all aspects of ecommerce ranging from operational support such as online accounting, to data analytics and customer loyalty products. Attendees could speak to enterprise solutions such as IBM and Microsoft, agencies for store building or digital marketing such as Introv, Sky Matters, and Wave Commerce, and service products such as PassKit and Xero to integrate into existing ecommerce operations.

The focus of exhibitors was on data analytics, customer engagement, and applying AI technologies to deliver a better customer experiences, such as for POS systems. At the Wave Commerce booth, attendees could try a live demo of our multi-language customer loyalty app, S Loyalty, as well as browse Shopify online stores to understand how Shopify can be adapted for localized Chinese language stores, product storytelling, and even online-to-offline (O2O) retail experiences.

DBS Retailers Disrupt is part of the DBS BusinessClass series of industry events, which also has verticals such as apparel, F&B, and the auto industry. These events bring together a select group of industry leaders and solutions providers for attendees to discover solutions for their business, whether for operational considerations, business analytics, or improving customer engagement. You can find out more about the latest events at this link.