Case Study: How Peppertint Customized Shopify to Deliver a Home Try-On Experience

Founded in 2015, Peppertint is a brand of high-quality, hand-made LA street-style sunglasses based in Hong Kong. As a factory-direct to consumer ecommerce store, Peppertint wanted to give shoppers great quality at great prices. After running pop up stores to showcase their high-quality hand-crafted products and receiving great shopper feedback, Peppertint was confident that online shoppers would likely buy their products if they could do a risk-free home try-on. How could they do that with their existing Shopify storefront?

Peppertint needed a Shopify expert to help them create an innovative and hassle-free online-to-offline-back-to-online shopping experience that could create customer confidence. Wave Commerce implemented a solution for Peppertint that fitted seamlessly into their existing Shopify store while making full use of Shopify’s checkout and payment features to create a smooth customer experience.

The Objective

Peppertint is proud to make their sunglasses from the best materials available globally and ships directly from their factory to offer unmatched prices. Their biggest challenge was overcoming mindset barriers that stopped potential customers from making purchases. They knew that the best way to prove their quality was to let customers try the glasses on as they would in a store. How could they use their Shopify store to facilitate that?

Peppertint needed to create a “Home Try On” customer flow that would create a reassuring and positive shopping experience for first-time customers. One of the biggest hurdles was the payment process and reducing the risk for both Peppertint and the customer. Customers would be uneasy with paying for all the glasses that they want to try and Peppertint would have an administrative hassle refunding all the returned models later.

Peppertint engaged Wave Commerce to design a creative solution to build a new Shopify store with features that could educate customers and make Home Try On a seamless shopping experience.

The Solution

Wave Commerce leveraged its experience developing on the Shopify platform to create a Home Try On experience to give customers an experience that would be similar to a single-store experience.

Wave Commerce used Shopify’s powerful features to customize the checkout flow for the Home Try On experience. To order glasses to try from home, shoppers only had to authorize their credit card, but it would not be charged until a certain date when the glasses were not returned.

The new Home Try On experience had a simple 3-step flow that included:

  1. Selecting up to 4 sunglasses to try
  2. Trying the delivered glasses at home for up to 3 days
  3. Return the unwanted glasses for free by dropping off at an S.F. Express courier.

Notifications and explanations at appropriate points in the customer journey improves overall customer experience.

In addition, Wave Commerce brought the offline customer experience when shopping for glasses into an approachable online interface. To offer the same help that store sales provide in-person, Wave Commerce created a fitting quiz for Peppertint’s new Home Try On store. The quiz provides information based on a shopper’s selected answers to help them choose suitable styles if they are looking for inspiration. Wave Commerce designed the fitting page to match an in-store customer experience, creating the visuals to match face shapes such as oval, round, heart-shaped, and square.

Peppertint is continuing to innovate how it engages its shoppers both online through the Home Try On scheme and offline at pop up events.

Wave Commerce is a Shopify and BigCommerce partner and may receive affiliate revenue from merchant subscriptions to these platforms.