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Wild Organic

Wild Organic Goes Omnichannel with its New Online Store

Hong Kong organic skincare and body care brand Wild Organic builds their Shopify store as a cornerstone for their online retail and customer retention strategy

January 24, 2019
Beauty and Cosmetics, Wellness
Hong Kong



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Shopify site setup and development, Shopify theme customization, Applications and extensions, Localization, Omnichannel strategy and planning, Digital marketing
Wild Organic had developed a collection of organic skincare, body care and aromatherapy products that have been featured in newspapers and lifestyle publications such as ULife Magazine.

Since its founding in 2010, the brand has maintained an online presence through social media channels, a website, and ecommerce marketplaces such as HKTV Mall. By 2018, Wild Organic was ready to invest in a new online store as the latest step in their business growth strategy. They partnered with Wave Commerce to build a branded Shopify store and carry out an O2O campaign for their loyalty program as initial steps for delivering a unified omnichannel strategy.


As a boutique skincare company, Wild Organic, retails skincare, body care, and aromatherapy products made from certified organic ingredients in Australia. Recognizing the importance of customer retention for continued business growth, Wild Organic wanted to build a new online store with Shopify as a cornerstone for their ecommerce strategy. They engaged Wave Commerce to develop a new store equipped with the latest ecommerce features and create an O2O campaign for their loyalty program, with the ultimate goal of better understanding their customers, improving their digital marketing, and increasing customer retention.

Ecommerce Solution

Wave Commerce helped Wild Organic create a Shopify multilingual online store with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese support to serve Hong Kong’s various consumer groups. For its new online store, Wild Organic adopted a visually-focused storefront that offered frictionless online retail features. Wave Commerce selected a Shopify theme that would highlight Wild Organic’s product photography and display relevant information for customers throughout various sections of the site. The store’s design also helped Wild Organic build consumer trust by clearly displaying information, such as product ingredients, in an elegant layout.

Wild Organic also chose to use Shopify to take advantage of the platform’s operational features, such as its product cataloguing and navigation, as well as the convenient payment options for both desktop users and one-touch mobile payments.

With the new online store, Wild Organic could carry out more sophisticated online engagement to grow their business. To strategically improve customer retention, Wild Organic’s first step was to create an O2O campaign with QR codes to encourage new and returning shoppers to join a loyalty program. With the loyalty program, Wild Organic could have a better understanding of their customers’ profiles and preferences in order to refine their product offers and re-engage customers online via digital channels such as social media and newsletters.

After Wave Commerce’s handover, Wild Organic’s team has continued to maximise Shopify’s powerful ecosystem by adding tools and making regular website updates to engage shoppers.

Wave Commerce was not only helped us to build the store, but also provided us with great service. They provided a training session on how to managing the website, and when they answered our questions, they also proactively and comprehensively provided extra suggestions or solutions on how to solve the problems.”