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Elevating the Customer Journey: Store Redesign and OMNI Customer Loyalty with Qipology

Wave Commerce had the pleasure of supporting Qipology to design and build a new Shopify store and customer experience for Qipology's luxury clientele.

July 2, 2024
Fashion Apparel
Hong Kong



services provided

Shopify theme customization, Navigation enhancement, Localization, Applications and extensions, Data-driven UI and UX, Conversion rate optimization, Coaching and support, OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program strategy and implementation
Qipology is a Hong Kong-based fashion brand that skillfully blends contemporary style with timeless elegance, by offering a fresh perspective on the traditional Chinese qipao/cheongsam dress.

Founded by Julie Liu, Qipology blends heritage style with modern aesthetics to honor Chinese roots and breathe new life into traditional garments. Through Qipology, Julie fosters a renewed appreciation for the qipao in contemporary fashion to inspire confidence and ignite conversations with its elegant and relevant designs.

Qipology’s original online store was built on Shopify, but the brand sought an enhanced look and feel with better performance. Qipology partnered with Wave Commerce to ensure a high-quality and elegant new Shopify store with optimal performance. 

A fresh, future-proof store putting customers first with tailored experiences

Our team of Shopify Experts at Wave Commerce started by understanding Qipology’s desired goals, and deep-diving into their brand. We take a deeper approach than just looking at a checklist of goals, but work tirelessly to understand the purpose behind each goal and outcome to walk the Qipology team through how this can be “translated” into Shopify and top ecosystem solutions.

With this deep brand knowledge combined with our technical capabilities and expertise, we recommended Qipology an ideal Shopify theme that can be best customized to suit their branding, aesthetics, and existing image as well as video style. The theme not only molds to Qipology’s existing graphic content and brand, but supports future scalability and enhancements so Qipology isn’t restricted like their previous theme. 

Qipology had an excellent set of videos and images, so we advised and created an elegant video background as the home page hero banner. Not only is the video modern and immersive, but it’s optimized to ensure smooth playback and highly responsive - countering issues some ecommerce sites face with video hero banners that can come across as patchy and non-responsive, with the wrong parts of the video cropped off. On Qipology, the video banner is always a perfect fit, and swaps to an image when viewed on mobile devices to ensure a high-quality experience across all devices. 

Customers can list their requirements directly on the product page! Customers can also book an appointment directly in-store with an integrated scheduling system.
Building on Qipology’s bespoke and personal approach, advanced product filtering was set up to ensure an efficient and intuitive experience.

A loyalty-driven omnichannel approach

With an offline store in Hong Kong’s trendy PMQ in Central, and the online store driving traffic in-store via integrated appointment and tailoring scheduling, ensuring a consistent online and offline experience was crucial. As regional leaders in building competitive omnichannel experiences for brands of all sizes, Wave Commerce supported Qipology with their omnichannel enablement including strategy, tech stack selection, and implementation plus setup. 

Wave Commerce recommended and implemented Shopify POS, with a comprehensive hardware setup for Qipology’s offline store. With Shopify POS, Qipology has a streamlined inventory management system by centralizing all online and offline orders with Shopify.

Qipology chose OMNI by Wave Commerce as their loyalty and customer management solution. Integrating with both Shopify POS and Qipology’s online Shopify store, customers have a consistent experience at every touchpoint with the brand. 

Our loyalty experts at Wave Commerce consulted with Qipology and co-created a loyalty program named QP Club. Upon joining, members are instantly provided a 10% off coupon on their next purchase, which gives the customer an instant reward that builds trust and encourages a new purchase, rather than just welcome points that can’t be used right away.

With an easy-to-understand tiered loyalty program, members are encouraged to spend annually in order to upgrade and unlock new benefits. Rewards are both financial, such as discounts or gifts, as well as non-financial, such as exclusive access. 

We wish the Qipology team even more success and are glad to see the new Shopify store and OMNI loyalty program are working out well! We’re excited to see what the future holds for Qipology and the next season of modern designs.