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China’s odbo Launches its Official Online Store in Hong Kong

How high-end fashion label, odbo, customized Shopify to build an online store as an elegant brand statement for global ecommerce

February 1, 2019



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Shopify site launch and development, Navigation enhancement and site UIUX design, Applications and extensions, Localization
Founded in 1999, odbo is an iconic high-end fashion design label headquartered in Shenzhen, China with over 200 stores globally. With the rise of ecommerce technologies and converging online consumer behaviors around the globe, odbo aimed to launch their own online brand store to directly reach trend-setters around the world beyond the fashion runway.

In order to create a online store that would reflect their unique brand message, odbo worked with Wave Commerce, a Shopify Partner, to craft a tailor-made Shopify store to realise the brand’s aesthetic standards.


With 20 years of experience as China’s first black-and-white avante garde fashion label, odbo has expanded to include odbo ladies and odbo men, odbo kids, and odbo eyewear. With sales agencies and franchised stores in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, odbo was aware of the growing global ecommerce demand. The fashion label wanted to find an ecommerce agency partner that could not only help them create a tailored, multilingual ecommerce storefront, but one who could work with them long term as they continue to drive awareness and recognition of the odbo brand beyond China. Wave Commerce worked with odbo, using Shopify, to help odbo launch its first online brand store presence outside of China.

Ecommerce Solution

Tailoring an Ecommerce Storefront for Unique Brand Aesthetics

As a forward-thinking company, odbo wanted to use an internationally proven ecommerce platform to deliver world-class online shopping convenience, while remaining consistent with their aesthetic vision. As ecommerce themes are often designed to showcase products, Wave Commerce customized the odbo storefront to be a brand statement that matched the brand’s provided designs. One such feature included an above-the-fold header that displays responsive videos and images based on screen sizes, as many Shopify themes do not come with banner video support. In addition, special attention was paid to the navigation bar, which was designed to extend above or below the fold based on a viewer’s position on the website.

Adding Intuitive UX Components for Fashion

In addition to aesthetics, Wave Commerce also developed features that are essential for online clothing stores to ease online purchase decisions. In the collections page, a filter menu allows users to easily navigate between different categories as well as search for products based on size. Each product also comes with a customized size guide that is presented as an overlay, reducing the guesswork for online shoppers. Wave Commerce extended on Shopify’s flexible platform to deliver this last mile of user experience to help odbo create a frictionless online brand experience for consumers.

Assisting Brands to Leverage their Industry Experience for Global Market Entry

Upon completion of the bilingual English and Chinese online store, the Wave Commerce team also ensured a smooth handover to odbo’s marketing and technical teams. As odbo’s ecommerce expertise in China has been focused on marketplaces, Wave Commerce provided on-site training that familiarized the odbo team with Shopify’s features, custom-built features for the project, as well as branded online retail considerations. Unlike marketplaces, branded stores give brands greater control over their customer experience and data collection, which allows odbo to further refine their consumer engagement strategy by designing their own e-mail notifications, determining their returns process, and using data to adjust marketing material.

By leveraging the Shopify platform, odbo was able to craft their unique aesthetic identity into their online storefront while effortlessly adopting a global online shopping standard for overseas customers. After years of building their brand status in their home market of China, odbo was ready to expand their overseas operations and reach new global fashion consumers with their new online store.

Professional team and excellent organizational culture, the best I can find in Hong Kong. They were able to produce and deliver exactly I needed. Would love to work on other projects with these guys in the future.”

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