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Ms. Chu Soap & Beaut

Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut Empowers Staff to Delight Customers Online and In-store with OMNI

Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut partners with Wave Commerce for an unbeatable new Shopify store and omnichannel customer experience.

March 30, 2023
Beauty and cosmetics
Hong Kong



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Wix to Shopify migration, Shopify theme customization, Omnichannel strategy and planning, Localization, Applications and extensions, Conversion rate optimization, Automation and flows, Systems architecture, Shopify POS implementation, OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program strategy and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface, SleekFlow integration, WhatsApp integration, Klaviyo automation and flows
Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut was founded by a chemical engineer with a cosmetic science background. After trying a plethora of children’s skincare products, she developed a natural balm of her own to soothe her baby daughter’s persistent eczema. Today, parents from all over Hong Kong flock to Ms. Chu’s stores to try their safe and effective products as well as to enjoy consultation services from in-store staff, who serve as ongoing guides on their skincare journey.

Wave Commerce had the honour of building a new Shopify Plus store with Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut, and rolling out OMNI by Wave Commerce.

Working parents, however, aren’t always able to visit a physical store. To let their products reach the masses whilst retaining the quality of service provided at their POS locations, Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut utilized OMNI by Wave Commerce to achieve the following:

  • A loyalty program with points earning, customer tiers, and rewards available on all sales channels to provide a VIP experience at all touchpoints
  • Staff attribution and reporting to credit staff members for all of their referred sales, both online and in-store

What Ms. Chu needed

In order to make their products accessible to parents in Hong Kong and internationally, Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut had to find a way to seamlessly sell online and offline at the same time. To do so, they enlisted Wave Commerce to help build a new online store on Shopify.

Committed to servicing quality omnichannel solutions, Wave Commerce took it a step further during the store-build process to solve the following:

  • How do you motivate your valued employees to promote this new online sales channel and nurture both online and offline customer relationships in a way that rewards their contributions?
  • How do you integrate a Shopify online store and POS services so that Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut’s customers can enjoy a personalized experience at every touch point?

The answer? Using OMNI by Wave Commerce and Shopify POS to power an omnichannel loyalty solution that can be enjoyed by shoppers both online and in-store, and that recognizes the efforts of POS staff in closing all sales, no matter the sales channel.

How OMNI by Wave Commerce’s Staff Attribution feature rewards and aids Ms. Chu’s staff in serving shoppers

From the moment that new customers walk into a Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut store for the first time, staff are able to use OMNI’s integration with Shopify POS to better serve and cultivate shopper relationships. This begins with a referral and attribution system for store staff.

If a customer’s first sale is closed by a staff member, or if a staff member helps a customer complete account registration, OMNI will record this to help staff keep track of their customer relationships and engagement.

Once a customer account is attributed to a staff account, staff members can earn commission for future online orders for customers they referred, in addition to any offline commissions. This feature is powerful because it rewards staff for their continued service in-store, but also motivates them to promote the online sales channel.

How OMNI and Shopify POS use loyalty program mechanics to elevate the shopper experience

After a shopper account is created, customers can enjoy exclusive member benefits with Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut. Their loyalty program, powered by OMNI by Wave Commerce, allows shoppers to earn points and progress to higher VIP levels with every purchase. This means that the more they purchase, the more they can save and access exclusive benefits.

Customers can use these points online and in-store to redeem some of their favorite Ms. Chu products for free. Better CRM and customer management make it easier for Ms.Chu Soap and Beaut to offer personalized in-store experiences and loyalty program rewards to delight customers.

With OMNI by Wave Commerce, Ms. Chu Soap and Beaut can now meet their shoppers anywhere they prefer to shop, whilst giving staff the support they need to continue delivering personalized experiences. To learn more about how you can integrate OMNI with your business, schedule a demo today.