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LOG-ON Launches New Shopify Store Experience

Hong Kong retailer LOG-ON customizes Shopify to include visual navigation, tailored visual product landing pages, featured item links, gallery tabs, and much more. All easily maintained by their marketing team without coding.

January 24, 2021
Hong Kong


Shopify Plus

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Shopify Plus redesign, UIUX enhancements and optimization, Shopify theme customization, Navigation enhancement, Advanced search and filter, Applications and extensions, Localization, custom features
As part of the City Super Group established in 1996, LOG-ON is a lifestyle store featuring trendy products from around the world including stationery, fun gadgets and photographic items, fashion, travel accessories, beauty and wellness products.

As an early adopter of Shopify in Hong Kong, LOG-ON were ready in 2020 to refresh their online store to take advantage of the ecommerce platform’s latest features. They enlisted Wave Commerce to support them with launching a new Shopify store experience.

Goal: New Storefront Experience While Migrating Existing Data

As a forward-thinking trend-setter in Hong Kong already familiar with online retail, LOG-ON embarked on a project to leverage Shopify’s latest modular features in their store redesign. They envisioned an online store that embodied their sophisticated brand aesthetics and attention to detail and could strike a subliminal balance between familiar and refreshing. The new online store would carry over existing umbrella online collections such as Brand Zone and Bags & Accessories, while leveraging more media features to make a bold visual statement. Finally, they required the new online store features to be both user-friendly for shoppers and user-centric for store staff to update and maintain with design consistency.

Solution: Tailored Shopify Navigation For Optimized UX

Wave Commerce gathered input from LOG-ON’s stakeholder teams and proposed a tailored Shopify navigation that could link and feature items and collections. The new store would incorporate media and dynamic features in strategic locations throughout their store to aid browsing, searches, and related item features.

Optimizing Visuals for Embedded Navigation Design

To maximize visual impact, LOG-ON incorporated images throughout their new store, such as their navigation bar, collection headers, and featured products. Wave Commerce built for LOG-ON a statement navigation bar with featured images that shoppers could quickly associate with, such as recognized brands or seasonal collections.

To help LOG-ON optimize their landing page layout for their products and collections, Wave Commerce created a tailored layout that embeds featured items, recommended items, promotional items, as well as related product categories. This allows marketing teams to create sophisticated browsing experiences whether it is a product story articulated through feature splash banners and interlaced visuals and text, or straight-forward utilitarian gallery views for item browsing.

Visual navigation extends beyond a menu or bar. To further this user experience, LOG-ON’s new store includes intuitive placement of visuals and related item choices to help shoppers get from one related part of a store to another. To do this, Wave Commerce built customized collection pages that featured related sub-categories and items. For example, after customers clicked into a page such as Body & Hair Care, they can immediately see that there is a related Skin Care section that they want to explore. LOG-ON’s Shopify store uses images to make navigation both fun and accessible for both desktop and mobile shoppers.

Localizing Shopify’s Designs for Hong Kong Needs

As an established retailer in Hong Kong LOG-ON also required its Shopify store to incorporate online shopping features that were familiar to local shoppers. Wave Commerce made code-level customizations to build a countdown timer to the company’s design specifications as well as browsing tabs that allowed shoppers to flip from one item to another without leaving the page.

Tailored Landing Pages

Finally, Wave Commerce created a Shopify solution that allowed LOG-ON’s marketing team to update the store content without any coding while maintaining a consistent design. To do this, Wave Commerce created an admin layer in Shopify for LOG-ON’s marketing team as well as introduced third-party app solutions that extends on the range of data options that Shopify’s editor comes with. This allows LOG-ON’s web store managers to confidently upload and display content in a nuanced manner that enhances the browsing experience and shopper trust.

Wave Commerce is proud to have worked with LOG-ON’s team to deliver a localized online shopping experience that is simultaneously bold and familiar for Hong Kong shoppers.

Wave Commerce provided professional advice in terms of design and development, and their team tried the best to provide any possible solution to cater the requirement / business needs of our company.Project management wise, it is well planned by Wave Commerce. They are responsive and willing to provide assistance to make it happen.