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Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee Launches New Online Store for Hong Kong Customers

Lee Kum Kee engaged with Wave Commerce to create a contemporary, mobile-centric online store for their Hong Kong home market with Chinese and English support, convenient checkouts and payment gateways, customized order fulfilment features, and an integrated customer loyalty program.

January 4, 2019
Hong Kong



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Shopify site setup and development, Shopify theme customization, Navigation enhancement, Applications and extensions
Since its founding in 1888, Lee Kum Kee has become an iconic household brand of flavourful ethnic sauces chosen by professional and home chefs around the world to cook up unforgettable meals.

Lee Kum Kee engaged with Wave Commerce to create a contemporary, mobile-centric online store that reflected their brand’s reputation for quality and consideration for their customers. Together, they built an online store for their Hong Kong home market with Chinese and English support, convenient checkouts and payment gateways, customized order fulfillment features, and an integrated customer loyalty program.


As an FMCG brand headquartered in Hong Kong with distribution partners worldwide, Lee Kum Kee nonetheless wanted to give back to their home city by using the latest cloud ecommerce technologies to provide an intuitive and convenient way for busy customers to make purchases. The new online store needed to offer both popular staple sauces, as well as gifting range items not common in supermarkets to meet customers’ needs, from preparing a quick meal after a long day to selecting gifts for special occasions.

Lee Kum Kee brought their “Zero Tolerance Quality Philosophy” for their products into their online store by emphasizing a polished storefront UX supporting both the Chinese and English language, with customer-centric features, such as account management, various payment methods, and customer-selected delivery times in Hong Kong. They required the store to address finer ecommerce details such as easily accepting promotional codes, a loyalty program for customers, and a user-friendly CMS for staff to manage orders and promotions. Lee Kum Kee chose to work with Wave Commerce, a Shopify Expert, to deliver an intuitive online shopping experience for customers that could quickly integrate into their existing business operations and order fulfilment process.

Ecommerce Solution

Wave Commerce worked with Lee Kum Kee to create a modern, mobile-centric online store using the Shopify platform. Lee Kum Kee used Shopify’s cloud technology and ecommerce ecosystem to efficiently deliver key features for their customer experience design.

Leveraging Shopify’s Robust Ecommerce Features

Lee Kum Kee took advantage of Shopify’s powerful suite of built-in features that enhanced the ecommerce experience for both shoppers and website administrators. The features included account management for customers, promotional codes, a simple checkout system equipped with flexible payment methods, content management features, and a user-friendly interface for their staff to regularly update product content. By maximizing Shopify’s robust ecommerce features, Lee Kum Kee could ensure that shoppers would have a smooth shopping experience from browsing through to checkout.

Developing Tailored Customer Experience Features for World-Class Service

At the same time, Lee Kum Kee worked with Wave Commerce to extend on Shopify’s capabilities to craft a thoughtful customer experience that reflected their brand’s values. To that end, Lee Kum Kee paid special attention to designing a frictionless checkout process that catered to busy Hong Kong schedules. At check out, customers can select their district and preferred delivery date and time. Wave Commerce built this tailored feature to offer delivery times based on location and flexibility for the Lee Kum Kee technical team to control and modify available delivery dates.

The location information selected for checkout would then be copied over into the next step, the payment page, for convenience. Finally, the payment methods included both traditional credit card payments as well as mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.Delighting Loyal Customers with a Branded Online Store

Delighting Loyal Customers with a Branded Online Store

Lee Kum Kee saw their new online store as an opportunity to provide additional services and give back to their loyal customers with points and rewards. Using Wave Commerce’s Shopify app, S Loyalty, Lee Kum Kee integrated a branded bilingual English and Chinese rewards program with copywriting that automatically matched the store’s selected language. The loyalty program is also user-friendly and convenient for the Lee Kum Kee staff to manage or update with promotional offers as needed.

By leveraging world-class ecommerce technologies, Lee Kum Kee was able to quickly adapt to the demands of tech-savvy consumers in Hong Kong and demonstrate that their commitment to a century-long legacy of innovation. With a branded online store, they can craft a meaningful brand experience for loyal customers by offering their classic and rare items, online shopping convenience, and personalized customer rewards.