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JAAAM Launches a Beautifully Designed Shopify Store Optimized for Product Discovery and Customer Loyalty

JAAAM partnered with Wave Commerce to design and build a beautiful, optimal store that can stand the test of time to launch the brand with a bang.

November 8, 2023
Hair & Skincare
Hong Kong



services provided

Shopify theme customization, Navigation enhancement, Localization, Applications and extensions, Data-driven UI and UX, Conversion rate optimization, Coaching and support, OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program strategy and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface
JAAAM is an emerging brand from Hong Kong, specializing in hair and skin care products that cater to the needs of modern men who demand excellence in their personal care routines.

To launch in the competitive beauty market with an elevated experience to future-proof their positioning, JAAAM partnered with Wave Commerce to design and build a beautiful ecommerce store on Shopify with the latest benchmarks in user experience and customer engagement.

The project involved customizing a Shopify theme to create a targeted experience for JAAAM’s key demographic. JAAAM’s team could easily select featured products to boost sales from the home page, and showcase user-generated content on the product pages to build credibility. Our team advised JAAAM on key third-party apps and set up a seamless integration that kept optimal site speed and performance, while focused on conversion and customer experience. To make the online experience more immersive and help JAAAM elevate their customer experience, OMNI by Wave Commerce was set up to power JAAAM’s customer loyalty program.

The opening section of JAAAM's new Shopify store

A cut above: OMNI by Wave Commerce

As a startup, JAAAM needs to build a solid database and nurture its tribe. To do that, JAAAM uses OMNI by Wave Commerce, a leading omnichannel loyalty and member management solution that elevates customer experience online and offline. JAAAM is able to sign customers up for their loyalty program, verify their information is accurate, and provide a superior customer experience across the buyer’s journey. 

For JAAAM’s customers, this means they have complete visibility into their loyalty status and points, Gift with Purchase (GWP), and special offers as they shop - not only on their account page, but as they shop! This delights JAAAM’s customers, helps drive loyalty, lifts average cart order value, and motivates customers to spend more to raise their tier. 

  • Full visibility of points and special offers as they browse and explore the store
  • Redeem products, GWP, and rewards directly from the cart interface

Customized Product Pages Optimized to Increase Average Order Value and Enhance the Buyer’s Journey

Product Bundles

As a new brand with a rich product catalog across both hair and skin collections, JAAAM wanted to motivate shoppers to add multiple products to their orders. Our team of Shopify experts at Wave Commerce leveraged the official Shopify Bundles framework, enabling the brand to seamlessly upsell and increase the average order value. With some expert customization, we set up attractive visual cues, like thumbnail images, which allow customers to easily visualize bundle options and distinguish them from one another. Using Product Bundles helps drive customers to increase their order value to get a better deal, while trying more of JAAAM’s latest products. 

Shop the Routine 

One of the most significant challenges in the personal care industry is decision fatigue. We tackled this head-on by adding and customizing the "Shop the Routine" section on the product page. This simplified product discovery guides customers to find complementary products effortlessly. Cross-selling and upselling opportunities were expertly woven into the shopping journey, ensuring that customers are exposed to related products they may not have considered. The result? Reduced decision fatigue, and a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.

User-Generated Content (UCG) 

In a world where trust and credibility are paramount, we introduced a User-Generated Content (UCG) section on the product page. UCG, showcasing real results and insights from satisfied customers, has become a cornerstone of modern e-commerce. It builds trust and credibility, providing social proof that the brand's products work as promised.


By leveraging our expertise as a Shopify Expert and Shopify Partner, JAAAM has been able to hit the ground running with a future-proof, scalable, and efficient Shopify store. From day 1 JAAAM is well positioned to convert traffic into paying customers, and engage them through an unbeatable loyalty and rewards program. Looking to the future, OMNI also enables JAAAM to collect valuable customer insights, confirm their information is accurate with one-time password (OTP) verification for mobile phone numbers, and create personalized communications and rewards to keep them coming back. 

We take great pride in supporting the JAAAM success story! Get in touch with our team to discuss how Shopify is the right fit for your emerging brand or how OMNI can supercharge your customer experience. 

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Excellent team, very professional, and certainly know Shopify very well! We are beyond thrilled with the site, and using OMNI by Wave Commerce makes us look very credible as we launch the brand. We are excited to see the results!

Gary Cheung