Launching S Loyalty Chinese & Multi-language Support for Shopify & BigCommerce

Wave Commerce is launching built-in multi-language support with Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, and German for our flagship rewards program, S Loyalty. Available on Shopify and BigCommerce!

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Before offering Shopify custom development services, Wave Commerce started building on Shopify to help ecommerce businesses solve the problem of managing customer retention and building long-term loyalty.

Some of you may be familiar with our services team, but may not be familiar with our app for ecommerce merchants, S Loyalty. Today, we are sharing our journey building S Loyalty into one of the leading customer loyalty program apps for Shopify and BigCommerce and the launch of our latest feature: Traditional Chinese and multi-language support.

Building on Digital Marketing Experience for Ecommerce

Back in 2012, Wave Commerce was helping local as well as international brands do social media marketing and advertising. In working with clients on developing data-driven strategies for customer acquisition, one challenge that we commonly faced was managing cost inflation of customer acquisition across key digital marketing channels. As ad prices and digital marketing costs continued to rise, we saw the struggle ecommerce businesses had with managing customer retention to deliver overall ecommerce sales growth.

There’s a lot of marketing research and literature that talks about impact of customer loyalty to long term profitability and growth (e.g., research from Bain & Company and Harvard Business Review shows that a 5% increase in customer retention can contribute to profit increases of 25 to 95%) and many emphasize not neglecting customer loyalty management as it is often more expensive to acquire a new customer than to maintain an existing one. At the time, there weren’t many services to help businesses with customer loyalty on emerging cloud ecommerce platforms like Shopify, so we began working on a solution for merchants to automate processes to build customer loyalty.

Initially, we started building a product that would automate managing a customer loyalty program and over time evolved our vision into building a solution with features geared towards helping merchants delivering delightful experiences with shoppers. We strongly believe that loyalty is built through the summation of positive and meaningful customer interactions.

Creating S Loyalty to Help Online Merchants Grow With Customer Retention

The best businesses and products in the world are those that focus on meaningful engagements that keep their customers for the long term. Wave Commerce built a loyalty program, S Loyalty, to help merchants directly create thoughtful interactions through their online store. As an engineering-led company, we placed our bets on the ecommerce technologies that were taking off at the time — BigCommerce and Shopify cloud platforms.

S Loyalty was built for global brands and the smallest businesses to automate merchant interactions and ensure quality engagements. With S Loyalty, merchants free up their operations with automation. New customers are able to join a rewards program, receive an upfront welcome bonus upon and start earning points and rewards off of purchases as well as scheduled bonus point campaigns for special themed events. We also included features like custom storefront overlay theming so that brands can customize their loyalty program to fully express themselves and connect to their target demographics.

We hope that by continually delivering these positive interactions and experiences to customers, businesses can build loyalty over the long term and increase customer lifetime value. Over the years, we’ve grown with the global Shopify and BigCommerce community to serve thousands of merchants worldwide.

Introducing S Loyalty’s Multi-Language Support

S Loyalty’s overlay displays a store’s primary language and Langify and Weglot supported languages.

Now, S Loyalty merchants can go one step further in personalization — speaking their customers’ languages. We’re proud to announce that S Loyalty now offers multi-language support in French, Spanish, German, and Traditional Chinese.

As a company based in Hong Kong offering localized ecommerce solutions, we know that language is key to connecting with customers. It’s what our global community has always been asking for.

Now, merchants can now turn on multi-language support for features such as messages for the storefront overlay, pop-up shopper notifications, campaign banners, and thank you messages to first-time buyers.

S Loyalty has ready-to-use Chinese template messages for merchants.

As ecommerce continues to grow globally, both local and international brands need to augment their supported language sets if they intend to reach an greater slice of the global ecommerce pie, particularly in targeting emerging markets. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify are continually coming up with ever more features to help up businesses scale globally. At Wave Commerce, we believe it is imperative that we continue to broaden our customer loyalty solution to help merchants go global. We hope our multi-language feature is the first of many features that we can build into our product to help drive global growth.

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