The Latest Updates on Shopify: 2022 Highlights for Hong Kong

Our recap and perspectives of Shopify's latest updates from 2022, curated for the Hong Kong market.

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One thing that sets Shopify apart in the world of commerce is its incredible dedication to creativity and innovation. With a talented and passionate global R&D team rolling out new features and enhancements almost every day, Shopify is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest trends.

Recently some powerful new features have been launched that are extremely useful for Hong Kong merchants using Shopify. Here is our roundup and insights for the latest from 2022 so far:

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is now more affordable! Starting late March 2022, Shopify Flow is now active for all Shopify Advanced plans. Previously only available with a Shopify Plus subscription, merchants can now choose between an Advanced plan or Shopify Plus to leverage the extremely useful automation solution.

Image Source: Shopify

Shopify Flow - Email Integration

Shopify Flow now integrates with Shopify Email, so merchants can easily add sending an email into their flows natively without using another solution. Shopify has also just announced that all merchants, regardless of their plan, can send 10,000 emails per month for free with Shopify Email.

Shopify Flow comes with templates for ideal customer journeys, or you can drag and drop your own triggers and conditions to send emails and simple marketing campaigns to your customers automatically - generating passive income for your store while you dedicate time and effort to something else.

Image Source: Shopify

Customer Segmentation

The new Shopify customer segmentation feature lets every merchant group their customers based on a wide range of attributes and behavior, straight from the Customer section in Shopify.

Personalize emails and discounts, segment customers based on anything from order history, to style, VIP status, birthdays, location etc to offer bespoke deals and offers or messaging. The Shopify customer segmentation feature can also be integrated with other apps and solutions such as loyalty, marketing automation, or customer data platforms.

Image Source: Shopify


Shopify has just launched Linkpop, a customizable and free link in bio tool - the first from Shopify and the first designed specifically for commerce.

Any Shopify merchant can now create a Linkpop page, and link it directly to your bio on social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, etc, or blogs, portfolios, playlists - anything you like! This is a perfect tool for converting social media followers and visitors into buyers. Visitors can browse shoppable links on the Linkpop page, powered by Shopify’s secure checkout.

It also comes with analytics and reporting, to help measure your sales success from social media. Given that purchasing directly via Instagram and Facebook shops is not available in Hong Kong yet, this is a perfect tool for local merchants.

Image Source: Shopify

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