Lalamove Launches Shopify App for Last-mile Delivery in Hong Kong

Leading on-demand logistics provider, Lalamove, now integrates directly with Shopify. Read on to see the uses and benefits for Hong Kong and international Shopify merchants.

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Throughout 2022, supply chain resilience has been one of the biggest challenges for many businesses locally and globally. A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Shopify found that shipping delays, shipping costs, and manufacturing delays are the top supply chain concerns businesses expect to encounter for the remainder of 2022 and throughout 2023.

Hong Kong consumers have tried to get around supply issues and offline store operating restrictions for necessities or favorite products by shopping online with local businesses. Given the city is so compact and convenient, locals are used to getting what they want quickly and easily.

It's no surprise then that Hong Kong consumers expect ecommerce deliveries from local businesses to be just as convenient as buying offline. To account for this, we recommend a strong last-mile delivery strategy and partner that can integrate directly with Shopify.

Shopify: “Delivery is a key part of customer experience satisfaction”

Shopify’s recent ‘The Future of Commerce’ report focuses heavily on supply chain resilience and delivery as a defining trend for 2022. Businesses are revising their shipping strategies to not only lower costs, but to turn delivery into a strong competitive differentiator as part of their customer experience success metrics. The report found that businesses are increasingly focused on building resilience into their supply chains through digitization and decentralization.

60% of consumers worldwide expect same or next day delivery and will turn to a competitor who can deliver faster. Meanwhile, Shopify reported that app downloads for last-mile delivery solutions on Shopify grew by 53% from 2020 to 2021, with merchants looking to unlock more data from a digital cloud solution to improve and optimize their delivery experience.

Lalamove: On-demand delivery at the touch of a button

Local Hong Kong on-demand logistics provider, Lalamove, launched their Shopify app in early 2022. A popular household name with strong brand recognition and trust from Hong Kong and Asia-based consumers, Lalamove’s Shopify app enables merchants to deliver local orders with a simple and efficient service.

Benefits of Lalamove for Shopify merchants

  • 24/7 efficient and reliable delivery by Lalamove’s trusted drivers
  • Arrange instant or scheduled deliveries
  • Batch multiple orders into a single delivery. Not only does it save costs, but it is more convenient for the customer
  • Multiple vehicle types for different order sizes and complexities to choose from
  • Clear and transparent pricing, with no hidden costs for merchants or customers
  • Real-time tracking for both merchants and customers
  • Unlock new data and gain insights to improve delivery and customer experience with a holistic view of the delivery journey
  • Available in 30+ cities worldwide

Learn more about the Lalamove Shopify app here

Diversify or Digitalize new business

With a trustworthy and reputable partner like Lalamove enabling efficient and reliable deliveries integrated directly with Shopify, fresh food and perishable goods delivery has never been easier. F&B, catering, and grocery merchants can deliver products same day without needing to worry about complicated fulfillment processes, delivery manpower, or investment in new IT systems.

As online groceries and food delivery continues to boom, Lalamove is an excellent choice to unlock new growth opportunities for businesses from the F&B sector.

If you are interested in adding Lalamove as an option to your Shopify store, please reach out to us at Wave Commerce.