HK Pickup Options for Shopify! Store & SF Express Self-Pickup Options

A Shopify app embedded into your checkout flow with 1000+ pickup locations for Hong Kong, from convenience stores like 7-11 and SF Express Service Centers to lockers. Increase sales by offering customer convenience!

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As online retail has evolved in Hong Kong, so have the tools that deliver world-class ecommerce services. Global ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to launch online stores to do direct-to-consumer online retailing. For businesses in Hong Kong, one of the biggest questions when adopting global technologies is: can this platform work for the unique needs of the HK market?

For Shopify in Hong Kong, we believe the answer is yes. We’ve had the privilege as a Shopify Expert in Hong Kong to build Shopify apps, setup online stores for clients, and localize Shopify for local market needs such as Chinese-language stores and local payment solutions. The ecommerce merchants and businesses that we work with have extended Shopify’s native capabilities to deliver exceptional ecommerce experiences for Hong Kong shoppers.

As an ecommerce partner focused on Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region, we want to stay updated about the evolving needs of organizations and businesses in our home markets. We want to know what needs you have and what gaps you think could be filled with localized solutions. One common need in Hong Kong was finding a local pickup option integration. Shopify had many order fulfillment apps, but was missing this one specific solution.

After months of working with companies on customized shopping experiences built with Shopify, we are excited to share with you our latest tool for Hong Kong merchants: we are announcing the launch of our new Shopify app: HK Pickup Options!

HK Pickup Options embeds seamlessly into your Shopify store to unlock over 1,000+ SF Express pickup spots from EF lockers, SF Express Service Centers to local convenience stores.

Try HK Pickup Options Now

We would love for you to be among the first to use HK Pickup Options. Click on the link above to get started with support from our team right away. Or, read the full story behind our app and all the unique ways HK Pickup Options helps you immediately deliver an enhanced buying experience for Hong Kong shoppers.

Introducing HK Pickup Options

How to Make the Most of HK Delivery Options for Your Order Fulfillments

In Hong Kong, customers want more than just free delivery -- they want options. The great news is that some of these options, like pickup locations, are more flexible and convenient for everyone, you and your customers! Leading brands and marketplaces in HK are already setting expectations by offering a range of pickup options that include:

  • Retail store pickup
  • Locker pickup
  • Courier services
  • Convenience store pickup

Over 30% of online shoppers feel that delivery is a key differentiator for their favourite stores, according to PwC's Total Retail 2017. Providing pickup options at your store or to lockers is a major convenience for shoppers, and reduces your shipping costs.

Once you add HK Pickup Options to your Shopify store, you will be able to offer all of the above pickup options to online shoppers as they checkout. Non-Shopify Plus users cannot modify their Shopify store Checkout Page, but with HK Pickup Options you will have delivery and pickup options embedded seamlessly as a shopper initiates a checkout on Shopify.

HK Pickup Options comes with over 1,000 pickup locations, in English and Chinese, which are automatically updated by our app based on the latest data we receive. These locations include EF lockers, S.F Express stores and service centers, and convenience store pickup locations (such as 7-11, Circle K, and VanGO). From your admin panel, you can turn any pickup location on and off. You can also offer any delivery option as free, or for a fee.

Naturally, the most economical way is usually to have customers pick up at your store! You can custom pickup locations with your own retail store opening hours.

Of course, you can also give customers a delivery option. If you like, you can also set a fee for delivery to addresses to control the cost.

With HK Pickup Options, you can deliver convenience to customers, thereby increasing your sales, while lowering your operational costs!

What Customers Enjoy Immediately

Once you have set up your HK Pickup Options, your customers will see a shipping Delivery Options Page before they proceed to pay for their order.

Your customers buying in HK will be able to see all the available delivery options for Hong Kong, and any fees you decide to charge. This can include:

  • Delivery to an address
  • Pickup at your store
  • Pickup at an EF Locker, convenience stores, and other locations

Best of all, a customer can quickly see pickup locations for retail stores, lockers, and convenience stores by region and district filters. They will not need to click back and forth between pages.

After a customer has selected the pickup location, the pickup address will automatically be filled out in the Shipping Address section during checkout.

All of this is to help bring the latest ecommerce solutions to businesses in local markets like Hong Kong for enhancing the last-mile delivery experience.

HK Pickup Options was built for Hong Kong ecommerce businesses, whether starting out or with years in online retail. Hong Kong online retailers such as Y's Recipes are already using HK Pickup Options to deliver to EF Lockers and SF Express service centers. With the demands of scaling businesses in mind, we have:

  • Chinese and English language support
  • Automatically updated locations via an SF Express API integration
  • Pickup options only displayed to shoppers located in Hong Kong
  • Dynamic shipping rates

We’d love for Shopify merchants in Hong Kong to try HK Pickup Options!

How HK Pickup Options Came to Be

At Wave Commerce, we are committed to working with Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs and brands to deliver world-class online shopping experiences. This is why we have worked continuously to bring the world’s best ecommerce solutions, like Shopify’s cloud-based ecommerce platform, to Hong Kong’s community.

As we have worked with companies, we have noticed common needs that range from fully localized Chinese storefronts to enterprise ERP integrations. We are committed to helping merchants in Hong Kong make the most of solutions like Shopify become user friendly for local needs.

Setting the Standard for Delivery Quality

We are always thinking about what is best for our clients and their customers. Fast delivery is costly for businesses, but not always convenient for shoppers who have to work. We wanted to build a delivery tool that was easy for businesses to use, and that would offer all the options that we as consumers ourselves would enjoy.

We build on top of user-friendly cloud-based solutions like Shopify because we want to give Hong Kong merchants and consumers the most user-friendly experiences possible. It should be easier for businesses to use the latest technologies, setup their business operations, and focus on delivering quality customer service. HK Pickup Options fulfills this need by giving merchants an easy-to-use admin to manage their delivery options, set prices, and with a polished checkout flow.

Online Sales Involves More than Just Pricing

Every part of your online store affects sales, not just pricing. Factors such as your images, store navigation, sales, seasonal offers, and loyalty programs all impact your sales. Order fulfillment and delivery is a major consideration for shoppers and improving the customer experience here can increase your conversions. By using HK Pickup Options, Shopify merchants can immediately give customers at least one choice for each of their priorities:

  • A free option (store pickups)
  • A 24-hour option (to EF lockers)
  • A convenience option (address delivery)

Most merchants want to give these choices, and now they can with our app. We want to help merchants in Hong Kong to easily offer great customer service, beginning with order fulfillment. This is just the beginning!

Try HK Pickup Options Now