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How Swisse Increased Returning Site Visits by 7X with OMNI by Wave Commerce and Klaviyo

Swisse sees exponential growth in return shoppers and loyalty engagement with OMNI by Wave Commerce.

April 13, 2023
Hong Kong


Shopify Plus

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OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program planning and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface, Klaviyo automation and flows
H&H Group is a global leader in premium nutrition and wellness products. H&H’s popular line of products including their Swisse brand product line of vitamin, supplement and personal care products can be found across many leading retailers in Hong Kong including Mannings and Watsons.

In 2020, Swisse, a global leader in nutrition and wellness products, decided to take their business Direct-to-Consumer with Shopify, starting in Hong Kong. With the help of Wave Commerce, Swisse Hong Kong launched an award-winning E-Shop with localized services such as in-store and SF Express pickup points, a testament to Swisse and Wave Commerce’s exemplary commitment to customer experience.

Taking customer experience further… with loyalty

Swisse Hong Kong’s existing E-Shop often runs seasonal promotions, campaigns, and event-based communications via Klaviyo to connect with their shoppers. However, Swisse wanted to increase customer retention and find even more ways of delighting their customer base by launching SWISSE CLUB, a customer loyalty program.

SWISSE CLUB wanted to offer core loyalty program features to shoppers such as earning points with every order, exciting free gift redemptions, and welcome and birthday bonus points. But beyond loyalty rewards, it was critical that the platform they chose to host their loyalty program could seamlessly integrate with Swisse’s existing campaign-driven E-Shop marketing strategy. This included the ability to offer limited-time rewards, as well as a series of customer engagement flows with Klaviyo integration.

To achieve their desired loyalty program goals, Swisse Hong Kong chose OMNI by Wave Commerce as their customer loyalty management solution.

How OMNI by Wave Commerce delivered

Limited-time campaign rewards

In addition to their always-on free product rewards for club members, Swisse wanted to provide an extra exclusive perk by offering limited-time rewards. Using OMNI’s limited-time campaign reward feature, they launched a “Flash Redemption” of their Beauty Golden Collagen Liquid product, which was promoted to their club members via Klaviyo email campaigns. Customers could redeem it for discounted points only during the specified period.

During the campaign period, Swisse Hong Kong saw:

  • 7X increase in returning customers to the E-Shop
  • 60X increase in reward redemptions

With OMNI by Wave Commerce’s limited-time campaign rewards, Swisse Hong Kong now has a powerful new tool for increasing retention through encouraging site visits and recurring orders with their existing customer base.

Comprehensive Klaviyo Integration

Swisse often connects with their shoppers through email marketing powered by Klaviyo. OMNI’s comprehensive Klaviyo integration allows Swisse to incorporate SWISSE CLUB messaging into their email communications. By surfacing loyalty program information directly on the platform, Swisse enabled a suite of new automated emails, including:

Add cart email flow

Swisse used Add to cart emails to remind shoppers that they can redeem rewards when they check out with their order and earn points. This flow was also used as an additional touchpoint to motivate non-members to register so that they could enjoy these benefits too.

Birthday email flow

By collecting birth month during the account sign up process, Swisse can pamper club members by offering exclusive discounts via email during a SWISSE CLUB member’s special day.

Points added email flow

Every time a SWISSE CLUB member purchases from the Swisse Hong Kong E-Shop, points are added to their balance. Swisse used OMNI’s Klaviyo integration to send an email to shoppers every time they earn new points, in addition to showing them the current rewards catalog so that they remember to log in and redeem their gifts.

Using OMNI by Wave Commerce’s limited-time campaign rewards and Klaviyo integration, Swisse seamlessly integrated loyalty into their campaign-driven E-Shop marketing strategy.

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