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Okayama Denim

How Okayama Denim Delivered a Scalable, Cross-border Shopify Loyalty Program for an International Fanbase

Okayama Denim uses OMNI by Wave Commerce to launch an innovative cross-border loyalty program seamlessly integrated with Klaviyo to drive repeat purchases.

February 3, 2023
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OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program planning and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface, Klaviyo automation and flows
Okayama Denim is a premium apparel retailer that brings the quality craftsmanship of Japanese Selvedge denim to fans all around the world.

As an innovative, digital native brand (selling online only), OD is no stranger to using Shopify’s ecosystem of apps to power their omnichannel CRM strategy. However, they wanted to take personalized experiences in their CRM even further and were in need of a new solution.

With OMNI by Wave Commerce, Okayama Denim launched a loyalty program that achieved:

  • Points earning and rewards for all shoppers, globally
  • Full integration with Klaviyo to inform shoppers of their loyalty program progress and account information in campaigns and flows

Creating a loyalty program that drives direct value

To take their CRM to the next level, Okayama Denim wanted to find ways to show appreciation to their most loyal shoppers. This meant implementing a new global loyalty program that would work across borders.

The loyalty program needed to include the following features:

  • Tiered membership levels: to recognize their biggest fans
  • Offering bonus seeds (points) on birthdays and monthly members' days: to reward customers who continue a sustained relationship with the label

Since Okayama Denim has solid experience in leveraging marketing automation of email communications, it was also important that their loyalty program included advanced Klaviyo integration in order to fully integrate with Okayama Denim’s omnichannel strategy.

How OMNI by Wave Commerce delivered

With OMNI, Okayama Denim is now able to bring an omnichannel loyalty program for their international fanbase to life. New shoppers can easily join the program via a simple online registration process, where information such as email, phone number, and birth month is collected.

Benefits of joining include:

  • Earning seeds (points) with every order for all currencies, which are used towards rexclusive free products otherwise not available on their site
  • The opportunity to advance through three tiers based on spending. Progressing to higher tiers leads to progressively larger points bonuses when ordering on Member’s Days, allowing shoppers who spend more to save more
  • A bonus reward on member birthdays

Klaviyo integration

True omnichannel integration is achieved for Okayama Denim with OMNI’s Klaviyo extension. OMNI information (points balance, current tier) is directly available on Klaviyo’s customer profiles, ready to be applied to email campaigns at any time. For example, abandoned cart flows can now include not just the cart items, but also the points to be earned from the purchase.

With OMNI, Okayama Denim also has a powerful suite of new events to trigger Klaviyo flows. In addition to default Klaviyo events, flows can now start on a customer’s birth month, when they’ve earned or used points, right before their points expire, when they move into a new tier, and even when they’ve redeemed a reward.

This opens up myriad possibilities for integrating CRM into email marketing. For example, Okayama Denim can now motivate new purchases by triggering an email to tell shoppers that they’ve earned new points. This can encourage them to spend their points on their site before expiry, prompting recurring website visits.


Phone numbers are also collected in the OMNI account creation process, allowing Okayama Denim to experiment with SMS as an additional communications channel. Okayama Denim can now use SMS to contact customers about time-sensitive promotions such as member-exclusive, and peak sales season benefits.

With advanced tiering features, exclusive rewards, and personalized communications powered via Klaviyo, Okayama Denim’s new global, omnichannel loyalty program was well received by new and existing shoppers alike.

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