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Nixplay Launches New Signage Online Store for UK Customers

Learn how B2B business signage company Nixplay Signage in the UK modified Shopify Enterprise to create a user-friendly content management interface for their marketing team to manage their online store, simplify workflow and increase operational efficiency.

August 30, 2018
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Nixplay is an award-winning digital frame maker and innovator that designed the Wifi Cloud Frame and is stocked in popular retailers such as BestBuy. Building on its success in the consumer market, Nixplay launched a powerful signage solution that’s designed for businesses but retains the ease of use that made its consumer products so popular.

As sales and interest in Nixplay products continued to grow internationally, the Nixplay team saw a need to deliver more localized online shopping experiences for its international customers. To start, Nixplay wanted to create a tailored online store experience for their UK customers for their signage products.


Though Nixplay had custom-built their online storefront for their US product lines, the company wanted to explore the latest solutions for building a UK-specific online store for Nixplay Signage, the company’s B2B product line. The Nixplay Marketing Team engaged Wave Commerce to create a Nixplay Signage store for the UK market with content that could be managed by the marketing team directly in order to respond quickly to UK market feedback and better serve customers in the UK.


Wave Commerce delivered a Nixplay Signage UK store built entirely from the ground up using Shopify Plus. As experienced Shopify platform developers, Wave Commerce was able to adapt and customize Nixplay’s desired Shopify theme, building custom features and storefront layouts that matched the company’s existing branding and product storytelling experience.

By creating a separate Shopify Plus store just for the UK market, the Nixplay team could also charge in local UK prices and currency and tailor shipping preferences, providing their target customers with a more convenient browsing experience. In addition, the marketing team could use Shopify’s responsive templates to embed additional value added content and media, such as Youtube demo videos, to help customers in a new market see the impact of their innovative product on businesses.

Each of the customized Nixplay Signage UK store pages, such as the home page, industry stories pages, and blog, that had unique layouts and features that could be updated or maintained.

As Shopify’s standard content editor interface only comes with prescribed input fields and does not allow for certain modifications to be performed natively through the admin UI, Wave Commerce built customizations and logic into the theme templates to expand admin editing capabilities, allowing the Nixplay marketing team to update copywriting and media across their online store.

In addition to updating content, the Nixplay Signage UK team could also insert and assemble the various custom content blocks that the Wave Commerce team had created, such as a banner block with mixed icons and text.

With a customized Shopify storefront for Nixplay Signage in the UK, the marketing team was able to launch and deploy quickly with options to easily update and manage the site going forward. By being able to manage the website content directly, the marketing team could also work quickly to test their latest marketing campaigns, online store promotions, and refine their site content to better serve and grow their customer base in the UK.

A smart team, with solid, trustworthy experience in e-commerce and Shopify. They delivered a custom theme for a store in our Shopify Plus account on time and as promised. It has been a pleasure to work with Alex and the team. I would recommend them as a trusted partner.”

Head of Marketing