S Loyalty

Our in-house developed customer loyalty program for Shopify and BigCommerce has been used by thousands of merchants since its release in 2013. We enable merchants to delight their customers using personalized thank you messages, birthday bonuses, and customizable points and rewards to build better brand and customer loyalty.

S Loyalty currently powers loyalty programs for some of the largest and most successful online stores on Shopify and BigCommerce.

Commerce Chatbots

Discover the latest disruptive technology in customer service and content delivery. Our Chatbot enable you to enhance the ecommerce customer experience with delightful customer interactions and relevant content delivery through chat platforms such as the Facebook Messenger platform.

Through cloud-based Chatbots, we can help clients deliver a more seamless digital + offline customer experience to ultimately drive higher customer engagement.

Custom Solution

Led by former Google and Salesforce employees, our in-house technology team brings deep application and product development expertise. Draw from our experience working with the latest cloud-based technologies and let our experienced engineering team help you create custom apps that advance your ecommerce strategy.

Let Wave Commerce create custom apps for special marketing campaigns, develop custom solutions for omnichannel retail, and more. If you need an app, we can help.


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