Shopify Growth Webinar: 
Scaling your business with cross-border commerce

Ready to grow? 🚀
Join 3 leading growth partners; Aftership, Global-e, and Wave Commerce, for an unmissable webinar on scaling your business across borders!

This webinar will provide actionable tips, strategic insights, industry benchmarks, and real ideas you can immediately use to grow your business with cross-border commerce. Content will be useful for established brands of all sectors.

What’s in-store:

  • How to approach cross-border commerce on Shopify - from store experience, to backend, to payments, returns, and logistics & fulfilment
  • How to market your business across borders, building first-party data across markets, and winning acquisition strategies for localized communications
  • Top solutions picked by experts to power your cross-border commerce growth
  • Live Q&A with Aftership, Global-e, and Wave Commerce

Event details

When - 3pm, Thursday, July 25, 2024
Where - Virtual Zoom Webinar
Audience - Any brand can attend, but content is designed for established Shopify merchants planning on expanding to new international markets

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About aftership

AfterShip is an innovative customer experience platform for global eCommerce brands. Recognized as a Retail Technology Power Player by Business Insider, it offers smart solutions for brands to elevate customer experience, while boosting revenue and reducing cost.

Its products include AI-personalized product discovery, proactive shipment tracking, AI-predictive delivery estimates, exchange-first returns, and warranty management. With 1,000+ carrier integrations, AfterShip has worked with 17,000+ customers, including iconic brands like Samsung, Gymshark, TOMS, Harry's, and Pura Vida.

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About global-e

We create a borderless e-commerce world, connecting shoppers and brands all over the globe.

Global-e simplifies global e-commerce, removing barriers between merchants and consumers, creating a seamless local experience for online buyers and sellers anywhere in the world.

The chosen partner of brands and retailers across the USA, Europe and Asia, Global-e sets the standard of global e-commerce. Global E-commerce is Global-e.

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About Wave Commerce

Wave Commerce is a leading Shopify Plus Partner in Hong Kong. We specialize in helping brands and enterprises launch and develop their direct-to-consumer (DTC) business with Shopify.

Our range of services includes Shopify development, enterprise commerce platform migration, omnichannel integration and growth marketing automation.

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