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How Travelpop Raises the Bar for OMO Loyalty and CX with OMNI by Wave Commerce

See how leading snack food and gift retailer, Travelpop, developed a competitive OMO loyalty strategy to emerge from the pandemic a stronger brand and stellar sales.

July 28, 2022
Hong Kong



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OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program planning and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface
Founded in early 2020, Travelpop seeks to cure wanderlust by offering visitors exciting snacks and souvenirs that are typically unavailable in Hong Kong. Their unique online catalog has quickly captured the curiosity of local shoppers, and the brand has earned itself a strong following ever since.

Shortly after launching its successful online Shopify store, Travelpop expanded offline by establishing its own brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops.

Goal: Emerge from the pandemic with a strong and engaged OMO customer loyalty base for long-term growth

Knowing that borders could reopen at any time and local shoppers with travel lust heading abroad may dent some demand for goods, Travelpop wanted to build a sustainable long-term growth strategy. As a digital native brand, the Travelpop team were experts at engaging and enticing shoppers online with goods they typically can’t procure in Hong Kong. The brick-and-mortar and pop-up shops were also highly engaging and attracted a lot of new customers to their database. They want to offer their customers a great buying experience and their staff a seamless operational experience through convenient omnichannel/ OMO (online-merge-offline) modern retailing. This consists of integrating their online store, permanent and temporary offline shops with a seamless and accurate loyalty strategy.

Pop-up shops: An integral part of the OMO strategy

According to Shopify’s Future of Commerce report, pop-up shops are a fantastic way to test demand for physical retail and build brand affinity. Travelpop’s successful pop-up shops helped them recognize the opportunity in growing reach through an omnichannel/ OMO strategy. New shoppers can be introduced to the brand and create member profiles via pop-up shops, whereas existing fans can visit and experience an extension of the brand’s identity.

Building a tribe of brand ambassadors: Cultivating loyalty for a long-term relationship

Travelpop often engages its shoppers with discounts, seasonal offerings, and other promotions. Previously, Travelpop’s online-only loyalty program made it difficult for shoppers to understand which promotions were available to them. This challenge also impacted in-store operations, since an online-only program meant that staff members had no way of surfacing loyalty information when serving customers.

Travelpop is seizing this opportunity to create a unified customer profile across all touchpoints, which will allow associates to better serve their shoppers, no matter the location. This includes collecting mobile numbers in addition to emails to improve communications and accessibility for a multichannel and mobile-driven customer base. It also means customers can seamlessly enjoy Travelpop’s exciting atmosphere, snacks, and souvenirs while making use of specials and deals when and where they want to.

Solution: OMNI by Wave Commerce - Omnichannel/ OMO Customer Management

As a long-time user of Shopify apps from Wave Commerce, Travelpop selected Wave Commerce to design and roll out their new OMO customer loyalty program. OMNI by Wave Commerce allows Travelpop to deliver a first-class OMO shopping experience to existing customers whilst capturing new audiences across all channels.

OMO shopping and membership activation

With OMNI, Travelpop now offers unified promotions and benefits across all channels they wish. OMNI is also interwoven into Shopify’s native POS system, making it simple for staff members to retrieve the membership details needed to provide a VIP experience everywhere. Onboarding new members in-store is also simplified, since new member profiles can be directly created by staff with a shopper’s phone number via OMNI for POS. This streamlined membership sign-up process encourages new offline shoppers to explore their membership benefits across other touchpoints, such as via the online store or other pop-up and permanent locations.

Exciting rewards and a memorable shopping experience designed to drive brand loyalty

Shoppers can now enjoy an enhanced shopping experience across all channels. Not only is Travelpop no longer limited to online-only or offline-only promotions, but a wider array of rewards are now available. This includes exclusive tier-based discounts, which can be redeemed online by the shopper or offline by staff via OMNI’s intuitive POS interface. By unifying customer details, the Travelpop team is empowered to pamper customers with personalized services and recommendations with every visit.

Localization to fit a Hong Kong audience

Travelpop’s current website has an entirely Traditional Chinese interface and a mobile-friendly design to serve its audience of local Hong Kong shoppers. Understanding the importance of language in accessibility, it was essential that Travelpop’s new member management solution offered an entirely Traditional Chinese interface. Although many Shopify apps revolve around desktop experiences and English as the default shopper interface language, OMNI’s mobile-friendly design is capable of surfacing an entirely Traditional Chinese interface to meet the needs of local shoppers.

By launching OMNI by Wave Commerce to transform its retail experiences and streamline staff operations, Travelpop can now take its omnichannel/ OMO retail business to new heights. A one-stop POS app allows staff members to curate a personalized shopping and loyalty program experience in-store, whilst unified promotions and synchronized customer information inspires brand loyalty and builds strong customer engagement everywhere.

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