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MOODLABBYLORRAINE Uses OMNI by Wave Commerce to Connect With Fans Via a Rewarding Pop-up Store Sales Strategy

How to engage new and existing customers who are worried about inflation costs, and reward them with discounts and special offers? With OMNI by Wave Commerce of course!

May 2, 2023
Fashion and accessories
Hong Kong



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OMNI by Wave Commerce setup, Loyalty program strategy and implementation, Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface, Omnichannel planning, Shopify POS, Klaviyo automation and flows
Hong Kong-based apparel brand MOODLABBYLORRAINE exists as a “laboratory for people to experiment with different colors, textures, and graphics in order to find their true self.” They’re loved for their uniquely quirky unisex socks, but have also expanded into apparel and other accessories.

Inflation woes and disjointed sales channels

MOODLABBYLORRAINE has a strong pop-up store presence during weekend markets around Hong Kong, where their colorful products attract many first-time buyers who subsequently become fans of the brand. Their pop-ups are also popular amongst existing members of the MOODLABBYLORRAINE community, who often visit different locations to get their hands on unique merchandise.

Although the adaptive location of a pop-up store is what makes this strategy successful in acquiring new customers, the impermanence of pop-ups made it difficult for MOODLABBYLORRAINE to reconnect with both new and existing fans of the brand after a pop-up has ended. With production costs inflating the prices of their products, MOODLABBYLORRAINE also wanted to find a way to make purchasing from their brand more accessible for their diehard fans.

MOODLABBYLORRAINE’s solution to all of the above? Leveraging OMNI by Wave Commerce, an omnichannel loyalty program solution, designed to connect with shoppers through all sales channels and to help them save more with every additional purchase.

Breathing MOODLABBYLORRAINE’s values and brand into a loyalty program

  • New members who join the loyalty program enter as a “Lab Potato” and climb the MOODLABBYLORRAINE career ladder until they reach the ultimate “Lab Director” role through accumulated spending. Each tier comes with bigger discounts and exclusive benefits, such as dollars off of MOODLABBYLORRAINE’s most popular collections.
  • Points are collected every time a member makes an order online or at a pop-up store, which can be used to redeem discounts. This empowers members to save more whenever they spend more.
  • As a thank you to members for being a part of the MOODLABBYLORRAINE community, bonus points are offered upon joining the program and during a member’s birth month.

Signing up new customers with Shopify POS

With their new OMNI loyalty program powered by Wave Commerce, rewarding new MOODLABBYLORRAINE fans during weekend pop-ups is made simple. Shoppers can register for a loyalty account on the spot with the pop-up store staff through the OMNI app for Shopify POS. Upon successful registration, new members immediately have enough points for a $30 off coupon and can earn points on their very first purchase.

Not only is the sign-up process straightforward, but reaching back out to new customers is simple too. An email is sent to new members after their successful account registration, making it easy for them to visit the MOODLABBYLORRAINE site and continue a long-term relationship with the brand beyond pop-up sales.

Applying member benefits to Shopify POS sales for existing fans

To show appreciation for long-term fans of MOODLABBYLORRAINE, points and tiers based on previous spending were allocated to their emails before the launch of the new loyalty program. This ensured that MOODLABBYLORRAINE’s biggest fans could immediately be rewarded with tier-exclusive savings after registering for a full account with pop-up store staff. After registration, members can easily enjoy member benefits with every order by shopping online, even if there is no pop-up store in their area.

Through launching an omnichannel loyalty program with OMNI by Wave Commerce, MOODLABBYLORRAINE is now empowered to nurture their offline brand community through member-exclusive offers. Via OMNI, MOODLABBYLORRAINE is also equipped to bring their offline brand community online, allowing their products to be easily accessible to their biggest fans.

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