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Store Creation

Our Hong Kong based team can help you bring your ecommerce vision to life. Let our experts at Wave Commerce create an online store that’s beautifully designed for your brand, mobile-friendly, and easily sharable on social media platforms. By using the latest cloud technologies to develop our ecommerce solutions, you no longer have to deal with servers, hosting, and maintenance.

As Shopify and BigCommerce partners, we build your ecommerce vision on tomorrow’s cloud technology, today.

Digital Marketing

Reach and acquire new customers with our digital marketing and advertising services. Using our proprietary tracking technology, our experienced digital team can create Facebook, Instagram, and search marketing campaigns optimized for ROI.

When our team handles your marketing campaigns, we deliver from ideation to execution, merging our experience in creative design, technology, and conversion optimization. You’re always kept up to date with custom reports, generated specifically for you.

CRM + Lifetime Value

Focus on Lifetime Value to maximize your customer acquisition budget. As the cost of a new customer continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to focus on building brand and customer loyalty. Through customer analysis and advanced targeting, we help you increase the Lifetime Value of your customers through customer re-engagement and conversion driven campaigns.

To further maximize your brand loyalty, we can leverage our experience with S Loyalty to help you build custom loyalty program solutions.

Custom Development

Our team of ecommerce engineers at Wave Commerce can create elegant, custom solutions to meet your complex needs: enterprise-level migration, technology modernization, omnichannel retailing solutions, and more. If you need to connect with third-party systems, our team of engineers can build custom integrations designed to your specifications.

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