Case Study: WCSL Unlocks Omnichannel Success and Builds Greater Customer Loyalty with Omni

Worldwide Computer Services Limited (“WCSL”) is a growing electronics retailer in Hong Kong offering a wide range of computer products from leading brands and is popular with a digitally savvy local clientele. As WCSL offers multichannel retailing to its customers through a combination of online sales and pop-up events, WCSL recognized the value they could further deliver to their customers by bridging each of their engagement channels for a more integrated customer experience.

After evaluating a number of Shopify loyalty program apps and solutions, WCSL selected Omni by Wave Commerce due to its focus on omnichannel enablement and was better suited for the Hong Kong market. Together, WCSL, and the team of Shopify experts at Wave Commerce, designed and implemented an omnichannel loyalty program and strategy to better reward their most loyal customers with exclusive benefits on both their online Shopify store and offline touchpoints (including short-term pop-up events with Shopify POS).

Goal: Deliver a best-in-class omnichannel member experience that bridges online and offline touchpoints with a highly localized customer loyalty program

Selling their products across multiple channels, WCSL was faced with the challenge of needing to verify true customer profiles in their database and unify any potential scattered customer data from different channels. With multiple accounts per person, customers were unable to consolidate their loyalty points or redeem at a different touchpoint, leading to possibly disengaged customers. By unifying customer profiles with a membership management solution, WCSL could provide an omnichannel customer experience, a localized loyalty program, and deliver relevant, targeted communications and promotions to customers. 

WCSL expected the new omnichannel loyalty solution to foster stronger customer relationships and higher customer-lifetime value. Marketing products via social media promotions in Cantonese, WCSL needed a loyalty program with a Traditional Chinese interface and the ability to design and create localized promotions for members that Hong Kong customers expect, such as gift-with-purchase (GWP) offers, VIP tiered discounts, and cashback on purchases.

Solution: Omni by Wave Commerce - Omnichannel Customer Management

WCSL’s vision was brought to life with Omni, an omnichannel member management and customer loyalty solution. Designed for Shopify brands and enterprises, Omni enables strong, localized, online and in-store retail loyalty program experiences. Wave Commerce’s leading team of Shopify experts and engineers also supported backend integration and customization to ensure that WCSL’s tech stack and architecture were optimized.

Increasing Customer Signups and Unifying Customer Profiles

WCSL’s customer sign-up flow was redesigned to include a one-time-password (OTP) which verified the identity of new customers. This was done via SMS, using a phone number as the main contact identity. Although Shopify does not natively support phone numbers in the registration flow, it was essential to enable as phone numbers are the most popular and preferred option for shoppers, and also prevents inaccurate data often associated with email sign-ups. Wave Commerce achieved this critical aspect of localization with our enhanced member registration flow and customization feature.

Delivering Great VIP Experiences with “Earn and redeem any way you want”

WCSL’s customers can now earn points for any purchase both online and offline, which is attributed to their unified member profile. This extends beyond online and brick-and-mortar stores to even pop-up locations such as computer fairs. For a truly customer-centric experience, customers can also redeem points however they wish, such as by paying with points or selecting a free gift - all of which is integrated seamlessly into the checkout experience on the WCSL Shopify store, and offline with Shopify POS. By allowing shoppers to earn and use points wherever they desire, Omni enables members to have a true “VIP everywhere” experience with the WCSL brand.

With an enhanced tier-based loyalty program, WCSL can now offer special rewards and discounts to customers based on their tier, or other conditions such as birthday, interest status, etc. All communications and promotions are personalized to the individual customer.