Case Study: Ecommerce and Brand Building for a Chinese Market: Reel Cosmetics for Hong Kong

As an official authorised reseller for MoYou London for the Asia Pacific region, Reel Cosmetics wanted to grow consumer demand for this British nail art brand. Reel Cosmetics had already set up physical stores in Hong Kong’s trendiest shopping centres, Ocean Terminal and Hysan Place, but they saw they the opportunity to use omnichannel strategies to rapidly create brand awareness and engage its digital-savvy target customers. Aware of the intricacies of consumer engagement, Reel Cosmetics engaged Wave Commerce to provide an ecommerce and digital marketing solution from online store launch through go-to-market digital campaigns.


MoYou London is a global nail art brand established in 2009. With an eye for high quality boutique labels, Reel Cosmetics needed to educate its Hong Kong and larger Asian consumers about the benefits of this independent UK nail art brand. Reel Cosmetics needed to find an ecommerce partner that had combined technical aptitude for building online stores, cross-cultural experience to localize overseas brands for a Hong Kong market, and social advertising and campaign expertise.

From Online Store Building to Multi-Channel Consumer Engagement

Wave Commerce worked with Reel Cosmetics to build MoYou London’s localised Chinese online store using Shopify as well as execute a multi-channel online consumer engagement strategy during a one month period for a Summer Sale.

The digital strategy began with building an online storefront in Chinese that could create a localised version of the brand story to appeal to Hong Kong shoppers. By building on the Shopify platform, Wave Commerce adapted the ecommerce platform’s versatile features to create an ecommerce experience for Reel Cosmetics carrying the MoYou London brand products.

In order to familiarize Hong Kong shoppers with the brand, Wave Commerce built and launched custom designed brand awareness story pages while generating consumer engagement through social media channels and e-mail. The online brand awareness raising strategy came in three stages, each with different targeted audiences, goals, and story pages. The first iteration included targeted customer advertising that directed customers to a Story Page, which introduced the MoYou London brand in order to help customers understand the product.

The second campaign iteration aimed to drive sales by targeting past customers and power users by offering a starter kit discount and a video campaign.

Customers were targeted on Facebook, Instagram, Google search, as well as e-mail campaigns. New content was created for each campaign and customers were segmented in order to provide personalized retargeting, such as a special offer promotion for customers who had previously clicked on the nail art products.


Wave Commerce used a data-driven approach to create platform-specific copywriting and creative content for e-mails, social media ad buying, and special Facebook canvas and video advertising. The first campaign helped visitors learn about the MoYou brand, which was reflected in over numerous llink clicks in just under 2 weeks, where visitors who clicked through from the Story Page spent considerable time on the Reel Cosmetics online.

The second campaign successfully engaged power users to drive orders in three days through Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and e-mail marketing. Site visitors who arrived at the online store via the campaign’s story page had a 47% decrease in bounce rate and 530% increase in average time at on the store.

By working together with Reel Cosmetics to target and retarget specific customer segments, Wave Commerce was able to use Story Pages and digital channel marketing to quickly introduce relevant shoppers to the nail art brand and convert power users within a month-long campaign.